Quax trials seatpost FUSED in!

Ok here’s what I’m going to try, and I think maybe someone already suggested something along these lines; Remove saddle and substitute about a 2-3’ long piece of 2x4 and bolt securely to the seat post. Secure the frame as much as possible. Oh, I also have a heat gun I will use just prior to my loosening attempt

Twist the 2x4 until it frees up. I think this will work as I will have much more leverage than just trying to grab and twist the saddle. I have also sprayed the area with penetrating oil and I’m letting it sit for about 24 hours. If this fails, I give up haha!

After I broke the bracket off my QU-AX seatpost i had to put my frame in a vice and use a pipe wrench to get the end of the post out of the frame. I think it was because it was a knurled post because it wasn’t rusted at all. The new post was also very tough to get in, so I think the QU-AX seat-tubes are tight fitting to begin with. If you plan on reusing the post ofter taking it out, DO NOT use this method as it will trash the post completely.

I think Mr. Brown knows his stuff

Have you checked out Sheldon Borwn’s article on un-stucking a seatpost?

He has a verry good site and it has helped me with many issues, both bike and uni related.


can I have it if you give up?

Well, the saddle height is a tad low for me, but then again I can learn sif with it!:stuck_out_tongue: No seriously, you can check out the thread in the trading post to see what I decided to do with the uni, but i just wish I’d thought to check the seat before I bought it…but then again I prolly still would have bought it, thinking I could easily fix it!

About the 5th post down

actually if u ride it, ride it without the seatclamp in place. And with time you might get lucky and it’ll pop out or move…


FIXED! Finally got it out using a 2’ section of 2x4 in place of the saddle for leverage. It took so much to get it loose that the heavy lag bolts I had it attached to gave way through the 2x4 just as began to turn! egan So I retightened the bolts and slowly but surely twisted it out. I think I know why it got stuck in the first place.

The previous owner wanted the seat lower (it’s never been cut down!) so instead of cutting it, he pushed the seat as low as he could get it, to the point where it’s not supposed to go because at the very lowest point, it’s apparently “tapered” somewhat as an indiaction of where to stop so it won’t go through and the tire!

It seems to be so because the seat post goes in/out very easily down to about 6", then get’s hard to go further. So he must’ve judt jammed it in too far causing it to get stuck; and man was it stuck!

here she is, a little paint removed from the seat post to make sure it fits great, but solid as a rock!

shes a beuty. Haha. Looks nice…

Yeah not to shabby for $120!

nimbus 2 frame qu-ax hub and 153 cranks right?

It’s a stock Qu-ax trials uni. Quax frame, rim, hub, and 147mm cranks.

I thought Qu-Ax had 140mm cranks?

The cranks on the new qu-ax trials are 145mm. I’m not 100% certain, but I think they are 147mm on that model.

That’s ridiculously long.

Well they are what they are I guess. Wouldn’t make any diference to me as I wouldn’t be concerned with speed, bu8t the extra torque would help me probably.

I love them.

I feel so awkward riding a uni with 125mm cranks. I love the control you get when doing trials.

late post :stuck_out_tongue:

The older Qu-Ax has 145mm on them. The ride sweetly.