QUAX or Torker ???

I can’t see my other thread in this regard so apologies if this turns up twice. My other attempt said this:

I know I am probably being painful but it comes down to these two:

Torker 20" LX Unistar for AUD $230- OR

QUAX 20" Profi for AUD $260-

Is it worth spending the extra $30- or save it??

I’d love some opinions and feedback (it has helped a great deal so far


I posted a reply on your Product Review thread.

Get the QUAX it is much better and last far longer

I would get the qu-ax

I would definitly get the qu-ax. Torker is in my eyes regarded as a begginer brand (other than the dx) I’m not saying torker is bad but the qu-ax is a much higher quality unicycle and is worth spending the extra money for.