Quax or a club?

I’ve been window shopping at unicycles (again!)

And i was wondering on which unicycle is better would it be a 20" Quax or a 20" Club unicycle

Thanks Abby

I’m pretty sure that quax sells 20" unis with square taper and ISIS hubs, so it might depend on which you are referring.

Erm no idea. i have a picture of of one on ebay.


thats a luxus - it has square taper cranks.

at that price ($20) i would take the qu ax but i would be more inclined to look at the club at normal prices.

i was going to go for it as its a good price and yellow!! iff i’m honest i’ve alrerady ordered a club uni but then i saw this , but i have friends wanting to learn and if i get a few i was thinking of setting up a uni club at school

Just to let you know we won the quax for £31 but unfortuantly is now my sisters , because i like it better than my new club :stuck_out_tongue: