Quax Monster Bike

So, does anybody own one, or ever seen one?

You’d get some serious speed IMO, however 26kg is substantially heavy.

What do you guys think - if you had the spare money, would you buy it?

I’ve seen better.

Original Image Here.

:astonished: whats this Bike you talk about never
heard something so rediculus.

how is that better?

That is AWESOME. I’m assuming it’s some kind of custom made thing though?

Well, it looks a lot more… hardcore?

all looks shit

Why don’t you just leave these forums?

yeah that one was buiilt by a custom frame manafacturer, he appeared quite alot in a thread about grooving 36" tyres for grip, as you can see in that photo they aren’t the standard tread pattern. And no I;ve never rode the monster cruiser, only the penny farthing version.

There’s one guy interested in 36" bikes on the mtbr.com forum, he made that frame above, and he is making them for others if I remember correctly. He called it a 29’er on steroids.

Well for one it’s not a pile of crap.

It’s actually setup to be useful, and not just something for show.

The bike I posted has high end parts on it, e.g. Shimano XTR cranks, BB7 Brakes, awesome Surly Flask, Chris King headset, Aluminum Airfoil rims, useful tread on the tires.

Personally I would have made it with a higher bottom bracket, and used the 190mm Profile cranks on it, and not had extra chainrings up front, probably takes quite a bit to get that thing rolling.

Agreed, his posts are useless and are pretty much just to get his post count up.

Is it just the angle of the picture or is the rear a 29 and front a 36?

Well whatever it is, it doesn’t look like the back can possibly be 7inches smaller, so it’s just the angle.

They’re both 36"…

End of discussion.

If it was geared lower and you studded the tires I bet it would make an awesome snow bike, especially if you drilled out at least the front rim to save some more weight.

That thing would have so much inertia once you got it going.

I bet it rides terrible in the snow.

He should have gotten a Pugsley.

A flask in the bottle cage. Classic.

No, but i’ll take the car that’s behind the QU-Ax monster bike. :smiley:

you two have good ideas, is it possible to vote people out of forums?