QuAx Isis Chromoly Cranks 170mm

Looking for a nice pair, barely used or new, would even consider trading for some KH Moments (165).

Also, if someone has a contact for a supplier, I’d like to know where I can buy a set or two.


The North American distributor is Goudurix in Canada. They have CrMo cranks, but not in 170. They might be able to order you a set if you call them.


I have a set i would swap for the moments, it would probably cost to much in postage to Oz though.

Thanks for the tip!

I searched all over and the only place that had them in stock was Goudurix in Canada. I emailed Goudurix and “Alex” got back to me right away, I was able to call the toll free, placed the order, and they’re on the way.

Alex said that the shop has ~75% of all Qu-Ax products, so a good source for Northe America.

Btw, if you are not familiar with these cranks, they are tubu;ar chromoly steel, ISIS standard, very light and strong, powder coated black, only production uni cranks in 170 durable enough for big drops and hard cranking :slight_smile:

yes, Goudurix is our importer for US + Canada and has quite a large stock.

Here is a weight comparison: (for another length though):

170mm CrMo Qu-ax cranks

I have 3 prs on order, e-mail me and I will let you know when they come in.
I’m not sure the cost yet but will know when there here. Josh@unicycle.com

Hey Josh, thanks for the heads up, but I already ordered mine from Giroux.

It’s a good thing you guys are going to carry them, the inexpensive QuAx are not durable enough, already got some creaking after a couple weeks of muni.

I do like that the great Q factor on the inexpensive 170 QuAx cranks is slightly more than on the 165 Moments, gives me a little more control.

Hoping that the steel QuAx cranks have a similar Q, can’t remember from the last pair I rode.