quax 1500

is the qu ax 1500 good?
the cross fire looks real nice and i wanna do trials.
if there is a better one just tell me
thnx, troy

thats awesome.
yea im like 115 lbs so it should be good.
thnk u very much for the inout.
anyone else?

You aren’t making much sense, or putting in much information.

The Kris Holm unicycle is one of the strongest out there, even if it isn’t indestructible. It has a very strong frame, and strong hub and cranks (even if the hub flanges are prone to bending a bit). The rim is drilled so isn’t exceptionally strong, but it is nice and wide.

The qu_ax and nimbus are also similarly strong, but heavier and have skinnier rims.

The dx has a pretty weak, bulky frame, skinny although strong rim, and heavy, strong hub and cranks.

The main thing to remember, is that just because one unicycle might be stronger than another, it doesn’t mean that the other ones aren’t still strong.
Almost every splined uni out there is pretty solidly built, so the main differences are how they ride, look, and weight.

I hope that helps a little.

edit: So yeah, it really depends on how much you want to spend for the weight, the look, and the individual parts.

also, please learn to spell and punctuate :slight_smile:

Do the newer Qu-ax cranks still have the nubs that shread your ankles everytime you go to ride them?

i heard the nimbus trials uni is coming back soon and wondered if the wu-ax crossfire is better or just as good as that.
i want sumtin to ride down stairs and do drops.
which one would better suit me?
i cant take all these unicycles and prices, theres so many diff kinds and im freakin out!
thnx for all ur input and more is appreciated

The Quax Crossfire is awesome…the only especially weak thing is the cranks…but you wont bend them for a while and when you do you just get moments or something.

I used to have it…it was very solid…


thank u
finnaly a straight up answer.
i think i will order it on thurs

Are you saying thanks to me? If so no problem…

did the qu-ax do good with stairs and drops for u?
if so, how many stairs and how tall drops?

it was great for those things…Like tons of stairs and 4 1/2 ft drops…but it could do more…


u talking about the 1500 or 1400?