OK, $5 to anyone who can sit a skateboard at the top of a quater pipe ($10 for halfpipe) and then hop on top of the skateboard on your MUni with enough momentum to take yourself, and your 5 wheels down the ramp without falling. Easy money.

You shouldn’t promise something like that. It won’t take too long and you’ll have to pay that 5$. :roll_eyes:

I’ve already got a bet running where I collect $5 for making it down the quaterpipe without the skateboard (by April). Might even try raising him to $6 incase you’re right.

Some crazy people out there. Look at this pic of einradfreak riding a mini (or quarterpipe, choose which you prefer):.
Check the whole gallery too:Euro uni pics

I guess it won’t be too hard. I have to go to the local skate park when the snow melts. You just have to pedal fast. And not fall at the top.

It would be a great accomplishment just to get air on a quarter pipe on a uni, let alone on a skateboard.

It is not that hard to get air. Just drop in on a decent sized half pipe and you will get air just from the vert. I can’t imagine anyone being fast enough to get air on a full sized halfpipe or quarterpipe. Plenty of people have dropped in, I have. Its really easy on the quarterpipe because there isn’t as much vert. Only person I’ve seen make it to the top is Einradfreak in the photo, and I doubt he could get air from the lip. I won’t even consider riding my Unicycle on top of a skateboard. It sounds like a recipe for a nasty fall:
Unicycle+skateboard+halfpipe=new definition of suicide mount

phil was tempted to drop a 1/4 pipe on a uni but the changed his mind as he could see inpending death but later droped a lower ramp about half the hight on a uni this is seen in our mini movie on flippet.org look in unicycling vids

I think it would be pretty much impossible to ride an uni fast enough to get air if you start from ground level. (maybe you would get enough speed with a Coker, but you probably wouldn’t be able to stay on it. Dropping is of course a different matter.

I’d like to give a try to hopping on to a skateboard with an uni. But not to a half pipe. Or any other similar pipe. I might try it next summer. I’ll probably be hanging around a skate park with some bikers. So I can probably get someone to borrow me a skateboard. And some of those bikers will probably be more than willing to film it. I’m gonna try some quarterpipes too.

has anyone tried uniing on a skateboard just on flat ground with any success? I tried it once and the skateboard shot right out from under me. I landed hard too. I think the only other time ive done that was trying to uni on ice. My bruised butt has forbidden me to try either of those again.

I have tried skateboard and unicycling, They dont match! its maybe possible if i had a crap skateboard but i dont. I can manage like maybe 2 metres then the skateboard does what there good at and fly’s underneath and you end up either landing on your back or sumwhere else equally painfull


So, I have find someone to borrow me 661 Fullface helmet and a pressure suit (a full upper body armor).

have a look at this picture

thats me in a halfpipe jumping over the lip.

i did it at the german muni & tiral weekend last year.
sorry for the bad quality.
i will make some new better pic that you can see how it works.

skating and unicycling

I was just at the skatepark yestarday, it’s a small one, but it’s cool. It’s got a big straight ramp and a big quarter pipe, with this pyramid kinda thing in the middle. I was watching kids skate it yestarday, they do good. I saw these younger kids do a trick i’ve never seen before. The one drops in on the quarterpipe, rides to the pyramid and up a smaller quarter pipe. There the other kid is holding his skateboard, the first one jumped off his and onto the one being held and rides away, definately a keeper. I thought about getting my unicycle out but that can wait till i’m more skilled.


Re: skating and unicycling

People do that in the half pipe pairs comp in the x-games. It’s pretty common.

Frank (Hell-on-wheel) has definitely made it down a half pipe

oh man, I really want to try uniing at a skate park now, but the last time I was at one (on a skateboard) I broke my ankle (both the tibia and the fibula and dislocated the joint) and had to have a steel plate and 9 screws put in. perhaps I’ll try it after I get back from montreal.