Quarter Bicycle deck on a Unicycle

i don’t get the point of this video…


Once something becomes too easy, adding juggling or in my case cards adds to the challenge.

I didn’t get it at all, but then I remembered brickman posted a similar video a few months ago. What’s with the obsession with card tearing?
So I googled about it.

It’s apparently a strongman feat. I had no idea. Perhaps it’s not really common knowledge.
Now that I think about it, it makes sense… cards are durable, a pack is pretty thick to tear, small to grab, and ripping down to quarters is pretty crazy.

So that alone is cool. :sunglasses:

But since once you get fairly good on a unicycle you don’t need your arms or hands much, combining such talents with unicycling doesn’t add anything for me. But it’s nice people can enjoy multiple hobbies at the same time! :slight_smile:

Thats it…doing something difficult while riding. I’m larger than most unicyclists, so I combine oldtime strength feats like the circus and vauldville performormers of the early 1900s. My background is in strength training but as I age the need to loose weight is more important. The unicycle gives me cardio and I can still enjoy strength feats while riding. Cool combination in my mind. Plus it fulfills my need to perform. Search Bending Steel. It’s a documentary Im in about the lost art of the circus strongman. What else goes with circus? A unicycle.