Quarry Muni [ VIDEO ]

So 5.50 am and my alarm goes off. I drag myself out of bed and head of to the local quarry.

I’d been on my 29er nonstop recently doing XC rides and felt the need to get back on the 24 again :wink: besides I was getting rusty with the lack of practice. Also it was a great chance to try out the mini tripod I had purchased recently.

Thanks go to ‘terrybigwheel’ for inspiring me to go out and get some practice in and make a video of it in the process.

Two size versions available. I’d do a ‘right - click, save as’

Big | 37 meg | wmv | 640x480 | 3 mins
Small | 12 meg | wmv | 320x240 | 3 mins

Very cool! I see you did a bit of “POV” and even threw in the “shadow” thing! Great! That one upd down that hill looked pretty bad! Great video! Thanks for posting it. Also glad I “inspired” you to go out early…I love it now, even though sometimes it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed at 4am…but once you get out there it’s totally worth it and your glad you did it! :smiley:

nice video I loved the bail down the hill

Great vid!

I guess you’re knee is better now. Fab.


I’m getting my muni tomorrow, and this is exactly the kind of riding I want to do! Awesome!

dlinging now

Thanks Guys, The bail on the downhill has resulted in my left hand turning a funny blue / black colour! Ice helped alot.

Cathy my knee/tendon still plays up, only on the 29er though? I did 8 miles to work last week and could feel it again. Hopefully it will go with time when i put more miles on it.

Forgot to put a little video preview pic on my inital post

nice video, gotta love muni. that UPD down that hill looked like it hurt a lot. ive got a quarry sort of near my place that ive ridden before, though its is really really steep. i should go there more often.

Downloading it after the UK one.

Why are you guys getting up so early? Is it to go ride before work?


Sweet video, man!

You have a really good editing style. The intro/credits were both top-notch.

Your riding is good too!

Take it easy!


At that time I had a lot on at weekends so it was the only time I got to ride :slight_smile:

Cheers Tom, That was the first video I purposely went out to try and film. In fact if it wasn’t for the camera I think i might have given up on the big downhill section at the end, it took me quite a few attempts :wink:

Sweet video champ. Looks like plenty of fun being had there=)