Quality Unicycles?


I think I want a new Unicycle, My old has a flat tire. Can you guys recommend a good unicycle that wont break when I jump on it?

Go to UDC(www.unicycle.com) and go to trials. There are alot of em. Get a splined hub and crankset if you plan on doing big drops( like 7 foot drops lol)
The Kris Holm trials is really good.
Profile cranksets are really good too.
Both of those are expensive. 450 US dollars or more.

Qu-ax, Onza, and Torker have been known to be really good too.
Koxx-one have also made good unicycles.


sup man

qu ax 20’’ unicycles are the way to go. They are very strong as they have splined hubs and cranks. I personally have one myself and they are great. Or you could just go onto www.unicycle.com and search for splined unis that fit into your price range.

I went to a bike shop today and the owner showed me a red and black unicycle and he said that it was a quality Unicycle. I think I will get that one.

Make sure it has a splined hub and crankset.He probvably just wants to make a sale. :thinking:

heres some things you should examine on the unicycle before you buy it.

how big is the rim? It should be a 19" rim

how wide is the tire? it should be around 2.5 inches

are the cranks and hub splined? the uni will suck if they aren’t… make sure they are.

does the seat have a handle? It should
how comfy is the seat? it should be pretty confortable.

how expensive is it? It should proabably be around $250 or more