Quality Street ('n' Trial)

Here’s my and my brother’s year in vid…
hope you like it…
This is only part 1. In part 2 we will go in to city and film some urban stuff!!:smiley:

Not bad riding, however dont make such a long intro with something totally unrelated like that - it puts a negative (big) on your vid - if people wanted to see people eating chocolate they could search youtube.
Good riding though :slight_smile:

that must have been a lot of tolberone! :astonished:

Not too bad but the intro was a bit long.

oh, i onkly just understood the pun in the title, that was quite funny, (when i understood it :roll_eyes: )

yeah your pretty good, but the intro was tooo long, i fast forwared through it

dang i saw like 8 different unis in that vid.
not bad riding.

Good riding, But I could tell that 3 or 4 of those clips were edited so we didn’t see you fall. Like the legwrap to backroll and that crankflip over that plank. It was entertaining though, just make the intro shorter next time.

Way too long intro, but nice riding.

+1 on what beeper said. You should have just film it again and land it instead of cutting it :wink:

Impossible, we are only riding two different unis. but while we were making the vid we both got a paintjob…:wink:

the intro is so long cause the vid was supposed to be much longer, and maybe we should have speeded the part over where he is eating the chocolate… part 2 won’t have any intro… well thanks for the comments!!:smiley:

Not wanting to sound harsh - just constructive advice… No matter how long a vid is, in my opinion, it should not have an intro that long, not an unrelated one anyway.

Cool video! I especially liked the first pedalgrab, where one of you bend your knees completely. I’m really not good at pedalgrabs! i gotta go out and practice pedalgrab consistency, height and make it look good some day soon. Back to the video; the intro was a bit too long, but i didn’t notice it much due to my toblerone dreams!
Oh yeah, it’s too bad I haven’t learned who is who yet, who is anton and who is laust?
Nice video.

Harj Sigurd… thanks for the comments… i’m Laust (the guy with the KH) and Anton is the guy who calls himself OUK here at the forums (he’s the guy with the nimbus trial uni) and Anton also have a bit darker hair than me…

ahh, ok.