Quality Street ('n' Trial) part 2 of 2

here is part 2 finally…:smiley: you should view both part1 and 2, so here is both parts…

whats the music of the second part?
i liked the flips

i really like the trail, there were some really massive lines in it :astonished:

haha…:smiley: thanks for the comments… the music is “killswitch engage - My curse”
I think I’ve increased my stats in trial since part 1 alot… :roll_eyes:

Geez dude, so much improvement from part 1 to part 2! Doesn’t even seem like the same rider! Very impressed, keep up the good work!


just a quick reminder, there is a difference between actual trials and a bunch of side hops.

more like Quality Trial (‘n’ street) :slight_smile:

but very nice trial, I like part 2 the most !!


Very good video! Nice flips, and impressive sidehops! :smiley:

Nice! Alot better than part 1! I really enjoyed it!
I would like to see some more technical lines, and Anton, what’s up with the twohanded flips? They look much better onehanded. And you gotta learn 180flips, Hickflips, Lateflips or something like that, they aren’t that hard to learn.
But don’t think i didn’t like the video, just because i wrote alot more negative about it than positive. It was great.
Keep it up!

yeah I know… but there aren’t any very good trial lines in my town, only good stuff to sidehop… but i’ll remember that little “quick reminder” to the next video…:smiley:

i’ve to say it once again this video is much better than the first one.
your sidehops are very good now and also your flips are clean;)

i don’t get why people have more than 1 uni’s
i have my beginner’s uni and my nimbus trial and that’s more than enough for me

Nice trials riding!

Very nice video! The 90 cm sidehops was impresive! :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw a couple of lines i would have liked to see you ride in that vid.
Or even better: Visit me here at Nordsjælland, and we’ll ride my local spots! :smiley:

Sounds great… I could probably get up to you sometime in next month, when there is no sh*tty weather… or you could come down to me, anton and Mark…

I don’t think you got that we are two guys in that video…:stuck_out_tongue: I’m the trial guy and my brother anton (OUK in the forums) is the street guy

My parents says you’re welcome, but I’m on Fanø the last weekend in that month and HUCK the weekend after.

I were just wondering when do you have easter-holidays.? :roll_eyes:

When I get home from school next friday!