Well I finally got off my butt and did my ride! Heres the write up-nothing fancy.

I started my Ride after lunch on Sunday the 23rd. I had a 6km route all mapped out, as I cant really ride anywhere without hitting major roads. So I decided to run a 6km course over, and over, and over again. Not a whole lot of fun but it got the job done.

On my way to the starting point I was praising my idea of using back roads so I could have the whole road. I soon regretted this decision when I first started riding. The majority of the route was along the lake (Lake Simcoe-I should have thought about the name of the road “Lake Drive”.) The winds coming off the lake were insane. Almost unbearable at times. The other part of the route was along open fields on both sides, and the wind wasn’t blowing any slower there.

It was pretty cold about -5c. The wind sure made it feel even colder!

I rode most of the afternoon with no complications at all. But just before my dinner stop I must have lost focus or something; but either way before I knew it i was tumbling on the ground! This was scary and exciting at the same time, as I have never fallen of a 36’ er before. I now know I do know how to roll when I fall. Unfortunately with this fall the bladder for my camel back started to leak and by the time i went in for dinner my back was wet and cold. This left me camelback-less for the rest of the ride.

After dinner I got back out and soon realized my daylight was very limited!

Actually I had hardly any daylight left once I started to ride.
Night riding was harder than I guessed.
My dad followed me the whole time with his lights on and that did help some.

All in all a pretty boring ride-but it got the job done.

Day one Specs.

Total distance: 52.5km
Strong winds: 52.5km
Extreme temp.: 52.5km
Night riding: 16.5km

Final rating: 127

I slept in to try and let my legs rest as much as they could before the start of day 2.

After I got up I ate some breakfast then had a look outside. To my surprise we had got snow over night! About 2 inches or so.

I hoped for the snow to be gone by lunchtime, so I waited until then to get my stuff ready and start the ride. Unfortunately it persisted and was still on the ground by the time I got to the roads. Riding on back roads they weren’t ploughed so that sucked. But it was nice to have the snow to help make my rating higher and take some kms of my to do list!

So I started at about 12:30 and began to ride my 6 km coarse over and over again. The people around the streets were become pretty familiar with me riding past them ever few minutes or so.

The day seemed to be dragging on and my ride times were slowly getting longer and longer. I was now feeling the results of yesterdays ride.

For the most part it was an uneventful day of riding. The climax was seeing a biker in the distance and soon passing by him. That felt good!

After a few short stops and some more riding I had finished enough km’s with the help of the snow the wind and the cold.

Day two specs.

Distance: 52km
Soft Gravel/snow: 52km
Strong wind: 52km
Extreme Temp.: 52

Final Rating (with previous day carryover): 154

Sweet dude! I love the fact that you passed the biker, hillarious! And that you did it with the sick winds, they get pretty brutal.

Way to go teammate!

Good job team… my qualifier is done and am writing it as we speak. I am trying to find a good photo host… any suggestions?

the jerseys look so good!!

Picasa! Free, easy to use, you don’t have to download any software if you don’t want to (but it’s great software so why not?), and if you already have a gmail account than you’re already registered.


Thanks Semach. I would have used it if I had seen your post in time. Used Flikr instead.