Quad Cities Jugglefest Top Ten

Top 10 Reasons To Attend The 2nd Annual Quad Cities Jugglefest, Vol. III

Rock Island, Illinois & Davenport, Iowa April 3-5

                         ...by Dusty Galbraith and Jerry Martin
  1. Here’s your opportunity to scarf down a Stashu’s pizza, Lagomarcino’s
    Chocolate, and Whitey’s Ice Cream. You still need nine more reasons? Wow…

  2. Special “As-many-as-you-want for the price of one” registration fee, show,
    and party!

  3. Four swimming pools! Championship Golf Course! No, wait - that’s the IJA

  4. Talk about high ceilings – last year’s diabolo high toss? It’s still
    coming down!

  5. Enjoy playing “Find the Completely Unmarked Theater”!

  6. Help welcome Lake Champlain as the 5th Quad City!

  7. Fergie actually liked last year’s party!

  8. Oooooh boy! Another great juggling t-shirt to buy!

  9. Special Monica Lewinsky memorial workshop on sword swallowing!

  10. May be the only festival this year where you won’t see Jay Gilligan!

See you in LESS than two weeks

Dusty Founder, President, and Clumsiest member of The Quad Cities
Juggling Club Inc.