The Unicycle Shop is thinking about carrying these Unicycles and is looking at getting your thoughts on them, and if we should carry them?

They make a wide variety of really good quality mid $ range unis.

Nimbus, Onza, Koxx-One are for the most part comparable (some better and more $).

Kris Holm unis are equally strong and lighter.

And Torker is cheaper.

I think having qu-ax would be a step-up from the DX when it comes to trials.

I visited the site and I think you need more than learners and beginner trials/muni.

I would recommend adding freestyle, more muni, more trials, and commuters rather than just qu-ax.

We at The Qu-Ax Shop (http://theQu-AxShop.com) have the Qu-Ax unicycles and we will beat the theuniycleshop’s prices.



I think you absolutely should stock them.


A very large step-up from the DX.

??? I don’t get it. Why would you post this? It looks like you are trying to discourage The Unicycle Shop from selling Qu-Ax unicycles and you claim to work for whoever owns the website (looks like it’s Qu-Ax), If you are from Qu-Ax why would you discourage someone from wanting to sell your product.

Secondly it does not look like the website linked to actually sells any product but rather will direct you to a dealer. You are not beating anyones prices; you are not even posting them.

And thirdly your website appears to be based in Germany and The Unicycle Shop looks like it is based somewhere in Arizona, even if you could offer a lower price would shipping across the pond still make it worth it for people to buy from you if they are across the pond?

azvwbug: I would definitely consider trying to stock Qu-Ax unicycles, I know a guy here in Canada that wanted a Qu-Ax 36er bad enough that he ordered it from over seas. I have never ridden one but they appear to be quality unicycles which are bombproof and at a reasonable cost.

  1. That’s just qu-ax.com which redirects me to qu-ax.de which is German and seems like the headquarters website for qu-ax.
  2. Why wouldn’t you want to sell your products to a dealer…
  3. Irrelevant is you.

It would be nice to have more access to Qu ax

Maybe I haven’t searched hard enough. In the USA I can think of only UDC that has some Qu ax stuff, but not the full range. I think that’s why there is so little talk of the Qu ax 36 here. Am I correct that no one in the states has one ?

looking at Municycle.com and the Qu-Ax 29er the price looks right, I wonder why UDC doesn’t stock the Quax 29er…

It was a joke because that is what azvwbug does all the time.
Just like this for example .


Also, you would get a TON of business if you sold Koxx-One.
The only other way to get it is through renegadejuggling.

Seriously if you sold Koxx or KH I would buy my next trials uni from you.

I tried to see what Koxx wanted for me to become a dealer for them and never heard back from them. I will try again. As for KH I am working on getting them and will have that set up soon I hope. As I have some Cokers on the way.


Yah, Koxx and KH and Nimbus seems the most popular as of now…