I was thinking about getting the hardcore 24" qu-ax muni. http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=796
I was wondering what you all thought. I don’t have a whole lotta money and I need somthing Really strong. My dx can’t take drops over 7’ anymore and I was wondering if this would hold up to lotsa high drops and really rough terrain… I was thinking about the new KH’s but I don’t have enough money.:frowning: It looks really groovy, but I wanna know what you think. Thanks!!

YES YES YES!! I can’t vouch for 7’ drops, but lotsa 3’ drops for me, sometimes 4’ with little rollout.

The rim is beastly strong!!! It’s like 45 mm wide, and it is most of the weight of the uni. It comes stock with a 3" tire, a big plus, and the crown has an extra reinforcement sleeve where it attaches to the seatpost tube. The frame is amazing, and in my opinion, the cranks are awesome, I’ve never heard of anyone bending/breaking them.

Awesome!!:slight_smile: Does anyone know how high they will drop??

8 bajillion feet. my cranks squeak every now and again after that one:o .
it looks bad ass tho

I have that uni. I haven’t done any super-high drops yet, but I’m planning on. It seems it’s really strong. It’s a great unicycle. I’d go for it if I were you.

I have the 20" version of this uni and it rocks. Ive been severaly abusing of it for 8 months now and it doesnt even skweeks. you should definetly go for it.

One thing about the pedals, they’re not very grippy (they’re not pinned). They’re great pedals (lightweight, good bearings) but when you’re feet get wet, or if you’re wearing hiking boots or something, you’re feet will slide around.

That problem is easily fixed, though. Get some other pedals.

i noticed that with the majority of QU-AX pedals…


Don’t you still have a Torker DX?

Anyway, I can vouch for Qu-Ax (actually I would anyway) I’ve had the trials for a year and some months. But with any unicycle, drop hight depends entirly on the landing, the rollout, your weight, all that stuff.

But it’s pretty strong. As for pedals, a lot of unicycles come with low end pedals, you can’t judge a unicycle by what pedals it comes with.

True i was just saying :smiley:

A few things:

The rim is not 'beastly strong. I know someone who put a flat spot in one, and they don’t do many big drops at all.

Second, the drop height it will take depends on many things such how you do your drops and how much you weigh.

LOL I had my eye on this thread for a while waiting for you to bring up my flat spot…
I honestly think it’s just cause I would never “roll out” of drops. Not rolling out would mess up any rim. I would think too that 24’s are more susceptible to this over a 19.

Anyways I really like mine (even though I put a flat spot on my rim). I’d reccomend it.

The wheel comes stock a little undertensioned (in my opinion). I put it on my stand and tightened the spokes a little and trued it. That probably helps my wheel a lot strength wise. Also, if you rotate the cranks periodically, the same portion of rim shouldn’t always get the stress.

Was that the old rim (narrower, with some groove things on the sides) or the wider, stronger rim?

Oh yeah!! Forgot to mention!:o I role out of my drops. All of them.

I love my QU-AX 24. I’ve had it for a year and had no problems with it. My wheel has been dead true since i got it, and my rollouts kinda suck sometimes I think I have the older rim that isn’t as strong too. My cranks are still strait too. The pedals aren’t very grippy, they are pinned, bu the pins aren’t removable and there small. Other than that, this is an excelent uni. I would definately got it if I were you.

I was jumping down some picnic tables today and the uni(24" QU-AX) is as strong as ever. Just thought I should let you know.

Is there any way to get the 20" qu-ax with shorter cranks? All I can find is 145mm ones.