Qu-ax ?

i was thinking of getting a qu-ax is it any good for trials. i only want to spend around $250.00 , but i know i want a splinded hub. any comments ?

If you are willing to spend $50 more there are some nimbus unis with the qu_ax splined hub/cranks. Look around on unicycle.com

Yep the Qu-Ax is a good unicycle just if you break parts (else then frame and seat) so I mean hub cranks and rim I think you can only get qu-ax to replace em cauz other parts wont fit but Im not totaly sure about that

Thanks for the info,

no problem. you also might want to consider the nimbus hoppley. its $350 though…

the hoppley is a 36 spoke rim ( i think ) which makes things easier if you break a rim or a hub or need to upgrade, becuase its easier to get a 36 spoke rim/him

It’s easier to get a 36 hole rim? I didn’t know that…

well, 48 hole rims are less available than 36 spokers

ohm well I guess now I think about it, profile, KH, Koxx, and a bunch of other hubs are 36 hole. what 36 hole rims are there? all I know is KH, Koxx, and Alex

just about every rim you can think of comes in 36 hole config

the Qu-Ax is 48 hole:p

the the '06 torker DX uses a 48 hole dx32. all i said is that the 36 is more common

32? I’m sure you mean 36… I thought the DX only came in 36. Oh well, I’m don’t know alot about rims.

By DX32, he was referring to the rim the comes on the Torker DX, which is an Alex DX32, which is a very good trials rim.

yea I misread that. srry.


The Qu-ax is a great trials. Really. You won’t regret buying it, unless your one of those weenies who has to have everything perfectly light, etc.

Too bad U.S. UDC doesn’t have just the normal Qu-Ax trials, they cobbled it together with Nimbus parts. Thus more expensive for you…

I bought my Qu-Ax muni in France. (:p)

If you can get them where you live, I’d recommend Qu-Ax to people looking for cheap splined units. They’re heavy, but unicycle weight can be overcome with skill.