so, for christmas i want the good QU-AX.
does anyone have experience with one of these things?any good or bad points to it?..


I have the 24" Qu-ax Muni and I find it’s great. It’s beefy and strong. I find it a real tough uni. The only drawback you might find is that the hub is 10 splined so if yr into swaping out parts you’ll have to stick with the Qu-ax cranks and/or hubs. I can’t see you breaking anything though with the abuse I put mine through the only thing that’s happened to mine is lost some stickers and scratched up the paint and seat bumper.

Here’s some pics I took of it the other day… there’s even my first uni vid with me on the Qu-ax.


Good, good good and good.

Go for it.

Light, strong, and not too expensive.

what about the seat?
right now i am really getting annoyed because the seat i currently have clings to my jeans and rubs my skin and it hurts like hell (shut up gui, not that kind of hell) and i really want a seat with less friction on your pants…

I was gonna say I like it just fine, and not worry about the hell bit. Why do you always assume I will get offended at the slightest mention of religion? Why does nobody love me? sniffsniff

i have the 20" and its amazing kinda hevy but you get used to that pretty quick but its nice really nice and feels really solid make sure to have some loctite for some bollts but there not bad
in trhe end this unicycle is grea i would recomend it

Surely god loves you?

Nice uni, me and all of my friends have qu-ax munis and we are very happy wiht them. Other brands are just more expensive and more ligther.

does anyone know what the best price for the 20" splined trials qu-ax is? i see it’s on UDC for $299, but is there a better deal elsewhere? i’ve finally decided to upgrade from my torker CX, but i’m on a budget as i’ll be going into art school soon.

take a look at…

go to your local bike shop…my uncle owns Olde World Cyclery and got me one for $170-$190…something in betwenn those #'s…mines GREAT! get one :smiley:

that’s the exact one i was looking at!!!
I guess $299 isn’t that much for christmas…

take a look at the '06 torker 20"…

you can see my torker here…

i recomend it thoroughly… get this on ebay, its alot cheaper on their:D :smiley:

unicycle 001.jpg

unicycle 002.jpg

unicycle 003.jpg

o yeah… by the way. my torker is $230 american on ebay… a very good deal. a splined 20" trials… definatly the best deal out there

Yeah, but I think the seller may have been trying to rip me off.

3 weeks after mailing the money order and receiving no unicycle he said “hey, send the money!”

We scaned the receipt and emailed that to him, and what do you know! Next morning The money order had reached his house! that’s oddd…

Oh well, At least I will be recieving a new unicycle by next week.

dang, now i’m seriously considering the torker… wish there could be free shipping with the buy it now option, but i guess you can’t have everything… i’m gonna wait for some more product reviews of both the qu-ax and torker until i make a decision.

if anyone owns either of them, 20" splined, could you please post any sort of performance review? whether it’s concise or more detailed, i’d appreciate it. before christmastime would be nice :wink:

btw, which seller was it that you had some trouble with spudman? there are currently 2 sellers with 99.9% positive ratings who are selling the new '06 dx, and both auctions come out to about $260 including shipping [for my location anyway].

also, i notice a bunch of you are from arizona. i’m going to be heading out there in december on a road trip with a few friends to visit a guy we know who moved out to phoenix [i think that’s where, i’ll have to double check, might be helpful for the trip haha]. not sure if i’ll have any time to stray away from the group [i’m pretty much the only unicycler in the group going] to go uni at all, but are there any areas you might recommend checking out? IF i get a new uni by then, it might be good times. otherwise i’m still stuck with my torker cx [older version].