Hello I am short on cash at the moment and I would really like a nice trials unicycle. I was wondering if this would be a nice choice for a fairly cheap nice unicycle. So if any one has any experience with this uni please any information is helpful. Basically I would just like to know how high you could jump off of this thing.


Not very precise, QU-AX has more than 1 model.

I ride the 20 inch 2005 Trials Edition, and I dropped of 9 palettes yesterday, not a problem.
I consider it as unbreakable as a Kris Holm.


9 Pallets Ha…I don’t believe you!!!

Sorry i forgot the link… here it is



I would beleive him… the Qu-ax does look pretty strong. But I have never even seen anyone ride one, let alone do anything serious. I’d say go for it… for only $300 at UDC.

Hahaahahahhahahaha. Unfortunately you didn’t take a picture nor a movie of it…

Dude, shipping would cost quite a bit more from europe.

BUY IT HERE from UDC and save yourself some bucks.

Ohm… I wouldn’t get this one. This is definitely not a Trials Unicycle IMHO. Look in the other thread about heavy weight and stable unicycles, the link for the one I mean is in there.


Maybe the unicycle could take it , but…

what about this one…? http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=92


Better, but it will brake - sooner or later, and it’s no dedicated Trials uni. Pay 250 Euros for it, and you will be happy for a long, long, time!

Buying a cheap uni and breaking it in a few months is senseless in my eyes…

Ok screw Qu ax is there any nice trials uni i can get for about $220? in the US


Ok screw Qu ax is there any nice trials uni i can get for about $220?


the Qu-ax looks like your best/only deal for a cheaper Splined set-up…

But if you wanted to go un-splined, untill you can save up money, I’d reccomend the Bedofrd light duty trails. Its cheap and will hold you off utill you can save up for a new wheel.

They took the picture! :slight_smile:


OK OK He (Wogri) can 1 foot wheel walk and glide too.

I like worgi’s 24" qu-ax, but the frame is to wide (rubs my legs). I might get it anyway.