Qu-Ax Wellgo Magnesium yellow

What’s wrong with the BX48? (keep in mind that there is an older version of the rim that’s called BX32 or something, BX48 is the newer one)

There are many more Qu-Ax owners then there are Nimbus owners.

12 spokes really does not add much weight. You may be right on the strength part, but are you just assuming that it’s not much stronger then 36?

I think the Yellow hub looks great. Qu-ax is the only unicycle brand with a hub that isn’t plain black, and the yellow hub with the rest black is a nice subtle design. It sets them apart from other unicycles.
Although I don’t really like the red colored hubs.

So basically you want Qu-Ax to make their unicycles flashy like Koxx-1, but your worst beef with them is you don’t like were they put the colors?

Besides, this thread is about how good the pedals are, not how good the color is.

You’re right on the part about aesthetics playing a large part in sales. Most of Koxx-1’s popularity is just because their flashy looks and their
“bad boy” image.

I side with Forrest here. Qu-ax look great! plenty strong (not sure what the problem with the rim is), and I think they are more popular than you realise, especially in some of the European countries (Germany comes to mind).

As with all products, Qu-ax need to keep modifying their unis as new developments occur, but I don’t think a complete redesign is needed. It keeps variety in the market. the 48 spokes may not be much stronger, but it is also not much heavier. People concerned about weight have other options. People concerned about appearence also have other options. For many (myself included), it is a strong, solid, quality uni at a price that I can afford. I wonder if that wouold still be the case after a redesign.

I think 48 spokes is a design mistake, but complaining about the color of the hub is pretty silly. Tastes differ.

25 mm seatpost = stupid
48 spoke wheel = stupid
Yellow MG-1 pedals = stupid

The rest i can’t care less about.

Black MG-1=perfect for trial
36 spokes=perfect


Where do you people get your info?

The qu-ax unicycle is one of THE most strongest uni’s on the market today. have you not looked, they recently just added a 3mm seatpost reenforcement just this year. and if thats not enough… 48 spokes in actuality is better. (at least in my opinion) strength over weight to a certain extent is what you want ussually, but also widley depends on the type of riding. 48 spokes are better in long long run because 36 spokers losen faster. and if you havnt noticed it why dont start looking. within a month again after tightening your spoke they will be loose again, maybe not terible… but 48 makes the diference when it comes to those big drops. specialy when your 36 spokes are loose? youll have an extra 12 spokes that are there to protect you. i dont even know why people think of athstetics when it comes to riding… i myself ride a torker dx with nimbus frame and its a dream. looks ugly but i like it. dont disrespect qu-ax, there one of the better trial unicycle company’s out there. hope some of you agree :slight_smile:

I thought I was smooth enough to run these pedals. Guess not. If you ever plan to do pedal grabs, find other pedals.


The MG-1 is a great pedal! I’ve been using it on my Coker for all types of riding (street and MUni) There light weight and very sticky. The only downside is what THOLUB pointed out,
The pedal body brakes off the axel. My last pair lasted a good period of time.
I’m still going to use the M1’s, the benefits (lightweight and very sticky) outweigh the replacement cost.

They would match my unicycle!!!

Although im not saying these are great pedals, they look very similar to plain metal dx ones… it looks like you purposely tried to break them. looking at them with virtually no scratches leads me to beleive you got this picute off the internet somewhere and were using it to support this thread. not trying to make enemys… at all. but that pic looks rigged :frowning:

He really did break them.
And who are you to dought what he says. your just a newbie.
dont be sayin he is a liar.

Why the hell would purposely I brake a perfectly working pedal?

Reason there’s very little scratches on it is because it broke on me on the second ride.

Why would I wan’t to “support this thread” by taking random pictures from teh intrawebs?

Stop arguing about stuff you don’t know anything about please.

2nd ride… sounds like a defect.
Any hug drop gaps to pedal?:stuck_out_tongue:

Just looked like a image from google images… so i was doubtfull. and just because i only have 6 posts does not mean im a newbie… this is just a forum. iv been riding for 2 years so i kinda acutlaly DO know what im talking about. and those look extremely similar to the DX pedals. qu-ax comes with them, normaly black, but in this case they just sprayed them i guess. seriously not trying to make enemys just try to have a conversation. sorry jesus…

just because you have money for a good unicycle doesnt NOT make you a newbie also. besides that… if your talking in posts, iv been reading tutorials and watching videos from this website since i started unicycling. i know this just a well as someone with 3k posts.

Forgive and forget. Can you blame them for their outburst?

(You basically called him a liar and a cheat)
An apology is in order!:slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums.

Sorry :wink:

it did look sorta fake though, didnt it? maybe just a little? maybe i just want to think im not the only one :thinking:

Yeah you got me, it’s photoshopped. :stuck_out_tongue:

These pedals are not the DX pedals with yellow paint on them,these are the MG-1 pedals with yellow paint on them, in fact this entire thread is about the MG-1 pedals…