Qu-Ax Wellgo Magnesium yellow


I read abaut this pedals, but nobody says how its to ride it ? Are thay weak becuse are so light ??

I wouldn’t have thought so.
I run Wellgo’s on my muni and they’re fine.
Depends what you want to do with them I guess.

The hideous colour on the other hand, well, that’s enough to put anyone off buying them…

So true. I was going to buy them, but then I saw they only make them in yellow.

They look like they are made to match the Qu-ax yellow hub. They’d probably look pretty awesome on my uni.

The Wellgo magnesiums are nice pedals, until they fall off the axle because the bearing failed. (A common problem with sealed-bearing pedals).

i would buy them if i could get them without the shipping i like the color and they would look really nice on my future uni

I will ride trial with them.

Are pins strong ??
Becuse i was read that sombody kill 1 pin on 3 day of riding trials :thinking:

Ive broke all but 3 pins on my Kona pedals. That was in one day of riding too.

These should be fine. Ive had seazled pedals for about a year now, and they are fine. I dont grind on my pins, and I dont slip off of my pedal grabs, so the pins are in good grippy shape too.

Do to www.danscomp.com and look in the pedals they have multiple brands with pedals with that exact same design and are mag. They are also located in the U.S.

I definitely ripped pins out of my Wellgo magnesiums, much more than I have on the Snafus that came with my KH.

How long do you have pedals??
Are you just kill pin, or you kill pin and hole ? If you kill just pin its OK, becuse pins are replacible. If you kill pin and hole its bad :angry:

not in yellow but the white looks pretty sexy. :roll_eyes:

In most cases, the hole got wider when the pin got ripped out. I never tried to replace the pins before the pedal died, so I’m not sure if the hole would still have been usable.

The link does not seem to work for me


Those pedals are excellent and they look very similar…


The Qu-ax pedals are exactly the same as the wellgo MG-1 pedals. Infact Qu-ax ones are even stamped by wellgo to still say MG-1, Qu-ax just paints them.

Yep. If I am correct wellgo produces many many pedals and sells them to be re-branded by other companies and sold for more. This is what I have been told so I am not 100%, but yea wellgo’s are good.

I have these on my Qu-ax.

The colour is rather striking, but it has grown on me and really compliments the rest of the black and yellow uni.

These are very light, strong pedals. The weight difference is immediately noticeable when I ride, but doesn’t make a difference to my hop height/distance.

I have replaced the pins on one side of each pedal because I heard that they may rip out during pedal grabs. I bought the shorter length pins offered at UDC, but they are too short, barely protruding from the platform and not offering much grip at all. They do, however, offer enough grip for pedal grabs, and I havn’t broken any yet:). I want to get hold of pins about 1mm longer though - landing tricks on the wrong side of the pedal often reults in a bit of slippage.

In saying that, the original pins are VICIOUS! very grippy, very long, very sharp, very painful. Great for trials, but too grippy for technical muni (I have JC Odessy’s on my muni). I don’t ride street, so I’m not too sure how they hold up to that tyoe of riding.

In conclusion, I recommend these pedals if you are looking for large light strong and extra grippy platforms, especially if you ride pure trials with a specific uni, and know how to paint if said uni is not a qu-ax :roll_eyes:

Quax seriously needs an overhaul. I’m one of many riders that just don’t buy or even consider Quax…

They need to make massive changes to their products, seriously. The yellow colour is nice and all, but look how many people have been put off? Yes, it can be shallow to be put off by aesthetics but half the reason why people buy anything in the world is down to aesthetics… If Qu-ax made those MG1s available in a more neutral colour like silver or black… they’d be selling like hotcakes considering Quax sell them for £10 cheaper than anywhere else! Sadly, their colour lets them down…

Same for their hubs and rims… We simply don’t need 48 hole stuff… and their BX48 rim (or whatever it’s called) needs to be redesigned. I think the reason why Koxx, KH, and even Nimbus to an extent are more popular than Quax is because they have more appealing products… No one really wants a grotty yellow or red hub, and in fagging 48 hole… It just isn’t good, and we don’t need it. It adds to the weight too (for those that care)… plus it’s not even that much stronger than 36 hole…

At the same time, Qu-ax and everyone else really… needs to move onto 27.2mm seatposts… this is the present and future of trials/street/muni/extreme/flat unicycling, for sure. 22.2mm diameter pretty much died and I hope that 25.4mm dies out soon too, and that unicycling can all convert to pretty much one standard… It really isn’t that hard to modify your products to make them more appealing to the customers… at all.

For sure, if Qu-ax ditched the ridiculous coloured hubs and everything else, and actually started colouring parts that look good in colour… then all’d be good. Parts like cranks and hubs just don’t look good in fancy colours at all. I suggest Qu-Ax adopt 36H and make their hubs black or silver, and instead make their rims yellow (a sunshine yellow). Then change to a 27.2mm seatpost and they are all set… for one, their sales would rocket. Oh and yeah… black MG1s, and then I’d be having a set for sure.

had to be said, and I hope Qu-Ax listen, because currently they are losing out on a good portion of potential customers by being afraid to evolve.