qu-ax vs. nimbus

For trials, which one is better? Qu-ax 20(yellow hub) or nimbus ISIS trials?

I reckon you should go with the Qu-Ax. It is bomb proof, and you will get used to the weight. It really is a sturdy unicycle.

go for the quax. you’ll get stronger and thats always helpful for unicycling.

nimbus with moments, i tried a qu-ax, thought it was nice, then tried a nimbus and it felt so much nicer, and its seriously strong, 5 foot drops havent made a mark :slight_smile:

Just exactly how much stronger is Qu-ax? Do people still break them a lot?

the people that possibly could break them, dont use them, as they prefer lighter uni’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

both are really good makes of uni and i have heard that nimbus with moments is very strong but i also know from my qu-ax muni that they are very strong too.

either one you get will be a good buy i have never heard of someone breaking a qu-ax

Seriously has anyone ever broken a Qu-Ax. Maybe I will start riding my old Qu-Ax and see what I can do.

Oh and to answer your question go Nimbus and if you wanna experience what its like on a Qu-Ax, just wear a lead vest on the Nimbus.

I own the yellow hub, isis Qu-Ax and it stands up to my 6’5", 230lb frame just fine. Not so much as a squeak. It is kinda heavy, though.