Qu-ax vs KH 20

All right. I know there has been a lot debate about the qu-ax 20" and Kh 20.
My situation is that I can get the 07 Kh 20" uni for wholesale value, $303, and the Qu-ax for retail at UDC $320. Should I go with the KH just because it is more expensive retail price?

Good seat
beefy hub with spined s
do the pedals have removable pins?
145mm s
Maxis CC tire
48 spoke rim

Seat with removable cover. Has any body tried this yet?
Pedals with removalbe pins
36 spoke rim
137mm s
Maxis CC tire

Is the KH seat as comfortable as pas KH seats? The Qu-ax hub and s look stronger than the KH, but is this true? Do the 137mm vs 145mm s mater much? I’m not too concerned about weight. But what I’m mainly concerned about is strength. Even though the KH rim is drilled to save weight and has 36 spokes instead 48, is it still stronger?
I would like s that will hold up to ginding and 4 ft drops. I know both these unis will be able to do this, but which is more reliable?

I appreciate the help

the Qu-ax wheel set is stronger

I’d say go with the KH because its cheaper, and probably a little better. Both unis are pretty much bombproof, I have the QU-AX MUni, and it’s really strong, but heavy. Normally I would say get the QU-AX because its almost as good and usually cheaper, but with the price reduction on the KH, I’d say go for it. You will be happy with either uni I think.


there should be a hesitation in this, go KH.

much better, lighter frame.

comfier seat.

better crank length for street in trials.

wider, stronger rim.

36 spokes (better)


JIm C pedals (awesome pedals with remobable pins)

removable cover(yes of course it works.)

I have both of these unicycles. The Qu-Ax only seems heavy after you have ridden the KH. If you get the Qu-Ax it won’t feel like its too heavy. Both unis are great! I prefer the KH because I like the “feel” of the unicycle better. I think the cranks are shorter and I know the uni is lighter. This makes for a “snappy” feel that I like very much. I personally would go with the KH because it is such a great unicycle and a great deal.

KH. all there is to say.