Qu-Ax vs DX for urban MUni

I know that this has been asked before. But I guess I just don’t accept the answer. Besides, these forums exist to talk, so why not just rediscuss things?

So, basically, I was just wondering which is better for all around riding: street, distance, MUni, light trials.

I have an LX now, and as a starter unik it’s great. But I’ve only been riding for a couple weeks and I’m already getting the itch for a unik that doesn’t seem like it’s going to break every time I try to do something other than just ride straight.

So, the real question is is the DX far and away that much better than the LX? And forget price, which one Qu-Ax or DX is better/stronger/better seat/better peddals, better rim and tire…

Oh, and what is Qu-Ax’s reasoning behind using such long crank arms?


I put this in “Just Conversation” apparently by accident, sorry for the double post.

i’d go with the Quax my friend has one, its kinda heavy but it is very well built and feels solid. and i have read alot about bearing and framed problems on the DX.

As for why they went wiht lng cranks it could be because some say it is more stable at slow speeds…but if you don’t like them, when you order just ask Uni.com to swap them out for smaller ones. I didn’t want 145’s on my KH and they swapped them for 127s :slight_smile:


There is no such thing as an all around good uni. Pick what kind of riding you want to do most, and a buy a uni for it. Then start saving for another. :wink:

Compared to the LX, the DX is better for MUni and trials because the splined hub and crankset are stronger and don’t wiggle loose nearly as easily. The LX is still quite a capable uni–if you avoid big drops, you can do light muni and trials with it.

go for the qu-ax, dx’s suck :slight_smile:

DX is fine, just has a problem with the frame, but once that brakes, you can buy the Nimbus II frame, and still have a good uni for cheap.

Or if you dont want the hassel of upgrading or replacin a part, just go with the Qu-Ax, cause both the unis are almost the same.

ONE is better

Yes, but since the Quax and the DX are pretty much in the exact same category, ONE of them WILL be absolutely better at all of those things over the other.

Thanks for the replies so far. The last time I read this very same thread (it was posted about half a year ago I believe) most everybody said that the DX is better. And that seemed strange to me, so that’s why I re-asked the question. I like my LX, but like I said, in just a few short weeks, I totally see it’s limitations, and just don’t really think Torker is the brand I want to stay with. And to clarify a bit, I REALLY only want to be able to do curb sized jumps up and maybe two to three foot drops down plus stair sets. So, it’s not a situation where I want to get one uni for one thing, another for another thing, save up and get another. Those are all the replies that I always read on here. I merely want to know whether the Quax or the DX is better and which one is MORE likely to never need to be fixed or replaced.

Again, thanx all for the help.

you would easily be able to do that on the LX. I did a 4 foot drop down on my friends 20" LX. (I way like 80 pounds though)


overall, I would say that the Qu-ax is better, would you be getting a 20" or a 24"? because if its the 24" i would get the qu-ax because it has a 3" wide tire ect.

The main problem is the distance requirement. You can do street, light trials, and muni with one unicycle, but you really need a bigger wheel (29" or 36") to do distance.

Also, which one is better may be a matter of personal preference. Maybe you want shorter cranks so that you can ride faster smoother lines, or maybe you want longer cranks so that you have more control on steeper technical terrain. Maybe you just like the way one looks better than the other.

if you need a good uni for everything… then get a DX and sun 28" cuase then youd be about as expensive as a qu ax but youd have 2 unis… one for distance and one for trials


I’d say the DX for urban, it’s got shorter cranks and feels WAY better for cruising, etc. The Qu-Ax is better for muni, but the tire it comes with is bgger, heavier, and square, the DX tire works better on pavement.

The strength isn’t too much different, the Qu-Ax has a stronger frame. The seats aren’t too different, but the DX seat is a little thicker and more bulky.

Again, I’m not asking what a good all around uni would be. I’m asking which one of the two would be the BEST for most things. Like I said, they seem to be built for the same purpose (24" by the way, I thought I said that, sorry), and therefore they should both be about as capable at doing everything I mentioned…just one will last without breaking, and the other one may or may not.

I know I can do what I said on my LX. It’s just that I want one that feels like it won’t break everytime I hop on it. (I’m 200 lbs, btw)

So, I guess I worded the question totally wrong. I don’t want to know which one will do what better. I just want to know which one is stronger…


I will have to say the DX still.

I say this only because I havent rode a Qu-ax yet, but I think it has a thinner rim, then the Alex DX32 rim that coems on a DX.