Qu-ax Trials

are qu-ax 20 unicycles good?
will they last under heavy trials?
are their parts interchangeble with KH / Nimbus?

I think so, though the tire doesn’t last as long as i would like.

2- Don’t know this 200 lbs weight only hops around and only drops

1 foot at the most.

3- Again I don’t know I have not had any problems hence, no need to change


Which qu-ax 20’’ are you meaning, the one with the Yellow hub or the red hubbed model?

Mine is red but I have heard that the yellow is better. Again, I have had no

problems with it.

shermanator94 if you are meaning the Qu-Ax 20" Crossfire Beginners Trials Unicycle then you can put Nimbus and KH Cranks on that hub. But the stock Qu-Ax 20" Crossfire is not strong enough for heavy trials. The Qu-Ax Splined Trials Unicycle - ISIS is stronger than the trials with the red hub but very heavy. I would suggest getting a Nimbus with Moments as its lighter then the yellow hubbed trials also the nimbus is a good price and strong.

sorry for not specifying. I was talking about the yellow hubbed one. how much more does the qu-ax ( yellow hub) weigh than the nimbus?

The Qu-Ax 20" Heavy Duty Trials Unicycle (yellow hub) weighs 6.45kg vs 5.7kg for the Nimbus, so alot more.

is the nimbus frame stronger?

They are the same.

The quax wheelset (the rim) is a bit stronger. Youre comparing a strong to a strong uni here.

Just be sure if you get the Nimbus, get it with Moment cranks.

qu-ax cranks good? as good as moments?

No cranks are as good a moments, Moments are impossibly solid:p I dont know if they are good but I am pretty sure they are, someone that has them can answer better than me…

well, if you had a choice between these two unis, which would you pick?

new nimbus ISIS trials uni w/ moments - $330 + tax + shipping


used qu-ax trials ( yellow hub) - $300 + free shipping + no tax

I would go with the Nimbus because I find them cooler and they are compatible with more parts than the Qu-ax(I think). Plus 4 of my friend owns Nimbus Trials uni and they are really good. But this is just my opinion.

any other people have other opinions?

The yellow-hubbed Qu-ax is a very strong unicycle. Some say it is stronger than a KH (I may get into trouble for saying this though!). However, it is a lot heavier than KH or nimbus. The tyre is the same one you’ll get with a KH or Nimbus.

I’ve put my qu-ax through 2m drops. the only breakage being seatposts, pedals and a (KH street) saddle. Since I got the gusseted seatpost, i’ve had no more broken posts.