Qu-ax Trials Uni

The cranks on the Qu-Ax are a bit long at 145 mm though, unless you primarily do trials. Good luck at finding any replacement sizes other than 170 mm anywhere.

The Onza cranks are a tiny bit shorter at 140 mm and costs $127 more. But you have a wide variety in redily available replacement crank sizes. Also I’ve heard it’s a bit lighter than the Qu-Ax.

But if you have the money a KH is definately the way to go.

in on municycle.com and unicycle.co.uk the KH moment is cheaper than the qu-ax. But surely the qu-ax hub makes a strionger wheel cause its a 48 spoke?

i VERY HIGHLY doubt it
but maybe
KH has drilled rims too

The Qu-ax is quite good. heavier but also stronger than most other unis!
It’s really hard to break a QA.

Buy it, it’s “a friend for life”:wink:

Qu Ax hub and cranks have never been bent or broken, kh and onza have been not by many but they have been, joe hodges rode the qu ax cranks quite hard he said and didnt bend them.

also i found qu ax cranks a bit long i think there a bit longer than 140 because onza aee 140 and dont seem long at all, so i got 127 cranks from qu ax which are good length quite short good for street

The Qu-Ax is one of the best unicycles out there, the yellow hub + cranks are bomb proof. Like Lucas says they’ve never been broken or bent, while I know Marco bent Koxx cranks, myself, I bent 2 sets of KH cranks (the first in 2 weeks, the second in 2 days), Mike snapped his KH cranks and lots of others have as well. The Qu-Ax unicycle is slightly heavier, but the weight doesn’t matter than much and it’s a damn good unicycle for a damn good price. The rim has been improved, there were some comments on the last one, so it’s deffinatly a godo buy.

i have one…its a great unicycle. A Tad heavy but thats okay. How do you pronounce Qu-Ax…does anyone know ? lol

I got one for sale look HERE

Que-Axe is what the bloke on the phone said to me haha and I asked about the “Quarx” unicycle lol and he said do you mean the “Que-Axe?” I was like achem yes thats the one :wink:

Does anyone notice that this thread is 3 1/2 years old?

wow no i didn’t haha I was just searching the forums for Qu-Ax unicycle info lol

the quax is way stronger, just heavier. NUFF SAID

cool cheers m8 I have already decided to go for the qu-ax splined trial uni now :slight_smile: thanks for your help!

i have always pronounced it cue-axe, i think the hyphen is for a pause…

as someone on these forums once said (i forget who)
‘I heard jesus himself say “Cue-Axe”’


My friend has got one(2007), and I like it so much…it’s a great uni. Despite the seat being a pile…I’d put a KH street fusion gel on, and call it a winner. I almost want to get one as a second uni to my KH20.

thats basically what the MDC edition does
it put on a better seat and upgrades the pedals
and it is the same price as a regular Qu-ax

Quax is great:)

I like how this thread was started in 2003 and has been revived around once a year.:slight_smile:

makes more sense then just making a new thread every time some one needs info on a qu-ax

I heart this thread.