Qu-Ax trials uni. On E-bay.

I’m selling my Qu-Ax trials uni, to make way for a new frame. It’s listed on E-bay.


Any questions, ask away.

You put the seat on the wrong way round.

Also with ebay I think that it is often better if you put a low starting bid to get more intrest and put a reserve if you are conserned if you dont think its going to go for as much as you want.

Sorry I am not intrestedin it, too many spokes, but I thought I would just say.

You would think so, but I’ve put the frame on the other way round intentionally.

I’ll see how it goes, then if needed relist it with a lower start.

;o according to the ebay disatance thing you only like 35 miles away from me

I’ll go to £130 + postage, if anyone’s interested.

Unicycle is sold.