Qu-ax trials riders I have ?'s

If you ride a Qu- ax,

  1. Can anyone tell me the weight of Qu-ax trials uni with 145mm cranks?

  2. Is the “oversize frame” heavier than what looks like a nimbus frame that is also sold through the municycle.com website?

3, Anyone know the wieght of the hub and cranks.

I have been looking at purchasing a Qu-ax trials uni.

  1. Any problems hitting your ankles?

I would prefer the Nimbus looking frame as opposed to the “oversized” frame with the nubs near the crown.


lets see if i can get this in before ben does, the Qu-ax uni is very good, whle not owning one i do get to use one form time to time, its not that heavy but the extra spokes and wide frame add to the weight.

i have the nimbus style frame form municycle.com on my trials uni and i love it, it looks really nice isnt too bad on the weightand fits snugly over the wheel (20x2.5")

You can get eh qu-ax through unicycle.uk.com (by phone) or municycle.com and i guess you can get the frame changed for a small diffeence in price maybe, i know municycle offered a limited edition qu-ax trials witht he nimbus style frame a while ago, but yeah its a good buy.

ryans ankles are completely clean (my qu-ax riding, friend) my KH hub /cranks that ive had the saem time are munching through my ankles, may just be the way i ride though
hope that helps