Qu-ax trials 2005 reviewed

A review I wrote today about the new 2005 Quax trials:


LOOKS GOOD!!:smiley:


This helps me choosing what unicycle to buy. And that one is the only serious unicycle you get in Norway, at least that I know of.

What about a KH20, from www.unicycle.se in Sweden? I think they’d ship to Norway. Here’s a link to the KH20

Looks good, have you done 5foot+ drops on it? Will it hold up to much higher than that?

awsome im only £120 too go untill i order my very own. thanks for the review you made it clear to me my other choices of uni where stupid and the qu-ax o5 trials model is the uni for me.

thanks again


ItS great!!! will hold up to 7 foot drops if you wiegh under 100 lbs. i wieght 95 and it held up to a 8 foot drop…(very painful)

i hope mine will be here wensday the 26th of oct since i orderd it the 10th of sep

I have also Qu-ax Trial and I have done many 5foot (1.50m) drops with no problems… (in the unicycle I mean…) :smiley: My weight is 141 lbs (64kg). I think 1.50m is not the limit yet. Maybe 2.50m?

i’ve also been looking at getting a qu-ax of my very own…thanks for solidifying my choice.

with the 05 quax you simply get the most for your money, mine should be arriving in a few days.

But You cant say that the unis good because you did a ?feet drop on it with a ?weight. To say the unis good you must test it over weeks and months and if a light guy does a relatively low drop and does not “coushin” the fall the uni can still brake. So the technique is important.

ride on,


Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but I didn’t wanna make a brand new thread…is the Qu-ax 20" Trials (299 USD on UDC) good for someone who has never done Trials but is interested in learning? The only uni I currently own is a Torker CX 24", and obviously, that wouldn’t hold up to any real trials.

Put it this way, i learnt to ride a unicycle on a £30 unicycle and started doing trials on it. im now getting this uni because i bent the axle. my point is u can do trials on and unicycle but if you do decide to go on get a good one like this. there is no point is wasting money.

You can do trials on it the same you could with any trials unicycle.

The question you should ask is ‘is a trials uni good for someone who has never done Trials but is interested in learning.’

Mine has exceeded my expectations for trials. It’s strong and trialsy, if that’s the answer you are looking for. :slight_smile: However, it won’t make trials any easier for a beginning trials rider than other trials uni’s.

That’s a really nice uni!
I would be prood being the owner of it:D
How much did it cost you