QU-AX Tool Kit

UDC-UK sells a QU-AX Tool Kit.

Does anyone know if it is available in the US?

I never saw it but it could be beyond my knowledge:)

Anyone else?

I don’t mind paying the $120 US or so they are asking, but I don’t really want to pay special carriage, if I don’t have to.

I don’t know if the whole toolkit is availible in the US or not, but I think did see a couple parts from it at UDC’s table at NAUCC.

I can say though that the toolkit is awsome, it has practically everything you’ll need for a unicycle all together. Very handy. I’m not sure if the tools are specifically made to fit Qu-Ax unicycles only, so some of the tools might not be compatible with other unicycles… I dunno.

If I remember correctly, the only unicycle parts I had that it didn’t fit were the Schwinn seatpost bolt and Coker spoke nipples.
It’s very good.

oh - and it’s reviewed in the second issue of Uni.