Qu-Ax tire

I just got a Qu-Ax and I was wondering should I keep the big fat tire or get another trials tire? This one is pretty heavy and I DOnt know if it will the affect the big hops i will eventualy be doing.

Hi Robbo! As far as I know you can’t really go wrong with tyres -they’ll all pretty much cope with a lot of abuse.

If you really want to spend some money on improving your uni you might want to consider buying a new tyre but it will only make your ride slightly lighter.

Hope this helps

ive got the same problem and the quax tire is too soft so it will be worn down quite quick.

somewhere I read “loose the maxis, get a luna!” and I think its true…



Wears down quickly


Lasts for ages

Folding at sidehops

P.S. Yup

The maxxis is much worse with folding on sidehops, Luna hardly folds at all. I don’t notice much differance with the grip either. I think the only advantage of the maxxis is that it’s lighter.

Well, as far as the hopping goes, any tire will pretty much do. If you think of yourself as a 75kg person, 200 grams more or less on your tire won’t make a difference. Also, I have the ‘standard’ (Qu-ax supplies 20" trial uni’s with both Lunas and Maxxis CCs) Maxxis tire, and can jump 29" pretty good. Thanks for the extra 4 odd inches in stable jump height go to Ryan Atkins for a few pointers on my technique :wink: