Qu-Ax street frame & Shipping from MDC

i wanted to get the Qu-Ax street frame to try out on my Koxx wheel set so:

1st I need to know if it will fit. On MDC the frame is listed as 100mm spacing so the spacing is fine, but are the are the dimensions for the bearing & caps the same? also i realize that im going to have to buy a new seatpost for this i thinking 25.4 CrMo of UDC US

2nd. Is there any way i can save money on shipping. I am happy with my devil frame but the Qu-Ax frame is cheap so thats why its no big deal to get and if i don’t like im only out $27. I don’t really want to pay $45 shipping on a $27 frame so any way to get around this would be nice.

just email Roland and he’ll answer all your questions