Qu-Ax Splined Trials Unicycle

I have a Qu-Ax Splined Trials Unicycle. Ive had it for since sept. There is nothing wrong with it. All is fine, maybe a few scratches to the paint but its in good working order.

I want to buy a new KH 2007 sgtreet uni and i would need to sell this one before i buy a new unicycle. I was wondering how i should go about selling it and how much you think i should ask for it. As i said its in good working order and has a brand new inner tube:D Makes a whole lot of difference lol :roll_eyes:

Well hope someone will reply, thanks in advance

cya :sunglasses:

post some pictures and some more detail about the riding you’ve done with it.
I currently have 150$ but for your sake I would tell you to sell it at around 225-250

Well i cant post pictures now, its dark outside and its kept nicly with my bikes in the garage. Ive just used it to ride with my mate. The biggest drop ive done is about 4ft. Nothing big, nor dangerous andi just jump from the curbs to cracks and stuff. Off benches and that. I cant do much lol. I would be wanting to be paid in £ not $ by the way. come to think of it, when you sell stuff like this how do you pay for it, who pays for delivery?


I want it so bad but parents + lack of money + me giving my dad a hard time because he refuses to let me buy parts for my broken uni = no uni. how much did you buy it for?

I brought for £175.

I was thinking of selling for £100+postage and packing.£100 is about $196US

I’ll buy the wheelset from you cranks+ tire you can keep the pedals. how much do you want?

offer, + u gotta pay postage to the states :astonished:

I might not be selling i just need to no, how much people will be willing to offer

how would u pay?

I’ll give you 120 euros

Still selling!!! Well aquiring prices before a finalizing a decision to sell this beuty

so tell me this… why are you in england again? lol damn all the good ones are from the other side of the world lol

I’ll be interested in buying it from you, any idea on delivery cost to the North East of England?

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