Qu-ax series

Hi,does anyone have any opinions or reveiws on the new qu ax series seat post clamps, and frames? im thinking of getting one for my trials uni, but not sure yet so if anyone has any opinions that would be great (weight , light heavy?, crown, knee bashing?) thanks

40 views and no one? if you even if you only post whether or not you like it it would still help thanks

I personally don’t have a QU-AXs frame but if I recall correctly they are a tad bit on the heavy side. As for bashing your knees, it depends on your riding style, some people don’t have a problem riding with flat crowns but others will kill their knees if they don’t have a round crown.


I am also thinking about buying another qu-ax but the profi from '09, its fork looks about the same as the QX-series fork, but I guess the profi’s one is still crmo… Now I have the profi '05 and a qu-ax muni '09 with a kris holm fork and I think that the new QX-series fork is comparable to the KH fork but a bit heavier so -maybe- also a bit stronger… (remember I still have no experience with QX-series)
At least my quax trials with KH fork (and also magnesium pedals) weights a lót less than before so it wil be about the same as with the new QX-fork I guess. Their plastic pedals also seem interesting to me because their weight is just about the same as my mags…
This is my opinion =D

qx-series fork

I have a qx-series fork on the way, and it will replace the one i have on my 20" qu-ax muni. i saw a site that tested the weight of different forks (KH, QX, IMPACT) and the difference is 90 grams between them (KH being the lightest and QX the “heaviest”). the design of the fork looks slightly rounded (like the KH) to protect the knees. when i get the fork i’ll be happy to share my comments.