qu-ax seat

how is the quax seat discriptions or pics especaly would be most apreciated:D

and pros and cons

It’s great, very identical to the Kris Holm seats, and slimmer than some of the older KH’s. It’s pretty much the same strength wise too I think, mine held up almost a year to constant heavy trials and street use (although I broke the siffner plate two weeks ago, but any saddle that isn’t a carbon fiber base could do that).

Over all, it’s a good trials and muni saddle, not super comfy for long rides but just as comfortable as the KH seats. Obviously better than most any other stock saddle, like CX, Viscount, Sun, Schwinn, etc.

The newer KH fusion saddles are better, but like I said it’s just like standard KH seats.

i have a cx and it kills on muni and drops over 2 1/2 ‘’

Look at post number 6 here.

It is a very sturdy seat!! It has like a leather(ish) covering and some heavy duty fabric at the ends, the bumpers are super strong, etc. The Torker seats on a few of my friends’ cycles look all beat up, the cover’s tearing off, etc. but mine shows no real signs of age even though a couple of people have learned on it.

That being said, it’s pretty hard. I haven’t tried any other seats, but to me it feels pretty firm and not too cushy. It’s also really thick, at least on my 24" muni.

the gallery has been down for ever so i cant see it

It’s a great seat, almost identical to the KH one, but if you want you use a KH handle you’ve got to drill some more holes in it because they don’t line up properly.

how is the handel

pretty much like any other stock handle. here are some pictures I took just now.