Qu-ax sale for monthe of May!

On UDC there is a big sale on most Qu-ax products for the month of May!

-Qu-Ax 10-spline Black Cranks for splined hub - $50
-Qu-Ax 20-inch Trials Unicycle- $295( :angry: i just got a KH 20" if I waited, I would have got this)
-Qu-Ax 24-inch Mountain Unicycle - $280
-Qu-Ax CrMo ISIS Cranks - $82
-Qu-Ax Crossfire Trials Cycle 2007 - $225
-Qu-Ax MUni & Trials Hub & Crankset - $90
-Qu-Ax Splined hub - $50
-Qu-Ax Unicycle Toolkit-One Left! - $70

I might want to get a pair of the CrMo cranks ($82) for my new KH, because I want to do flat… I will have the money at the end of May, think I should get them?

Cool, I would buy something if I didn’t already have 3 Qu-Ax’s!