Qu-ax rim?

Dude are you from torker?

Why does Zack say Qu-ax sucks?

Im keeping my oringinal DX hub,cause I just got sponserd by torker,I want to keep the torker stuff.


qu-ax are great! at least the splined trials 20" muni is. well worth it - if it’s stood up to 3ft drops every day for the last 3 months for me, i’m happy!

Im sure it would be plenty good for drops higher than that,too.

I’ve done 5 foot on my DX’s.

I dont think its that qu-ax sucks, but rather alex and arrow are just much better.

Are we talking about rims or hubs here?


They have a couple but dont keep them on there site, so you can call or email em to see if they have any more, i ordered mine today