Qu-ax rim?

Where do you get a qu-ax rim, they are a 48 spoke trials, so if you bend yours udc doesnt sell the rim and ud have to buy a whole new uni… Or if you have a normal splined 20 in not trials and you want to upgrade to a trials you could just get one of these rims, so does anyone know where to get one…?

I don’t know of a way to buy a Qu-Ax rim by themselves. I wish I did, I’d buy one. I think you might just have to hope someone sells one. But I dunno for sure

I am talking to John Drumand at UDC and I think he might be ordering some soon. I told him I thought they should cary them for replacement parts since they sell the Qu-ax trials unis and for people like me who want to convert a torker, I have a torker hub and crank set and I want to build a trials uni with it. Send him an email and let him know there are other people interested and they will be more likely to stock them. You can currently get them from UDC UK but with the exchange rate and shipping its around $75.

See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Torker conversion, How do I get his email to hit him up?


Re: Qu-ax rim?

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>Where do you get a qu-ax rim

Doesn’t Roland (municycle.com) sell them separately?

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i don’t think so. at least its not shown on the site

yes it is

My bad, I wasn’t specific enough. I’m looking for a 24 inch Qu-Ax I dunno what Caw was lookin for.

Thats good to know that Alex dx32s also are available in a 48 hole version, but I don’t think I would do any better getting them from Muni.com than UDC UK. I will mention it to John Drumand that they make them though. You can contact unicycle.com by going to their website and going to the contact us link or call them at 1-800-unicycl.

I came across the halo rim it has 48 spokes if you’re just looking to give the torker 24" DX a stronger rim Halo Rim

I was refering to the 20in rim

I talked to unicycle.com and they are going to order and stock either the Qa-ax or the Alex 48 hole 19" trials rim. I think the Alex unless it is unavailable then the Qu-ax.


Dude wtf, they said tey had ordered them a while back, but they you stil cant buy them, do they have them but havent put them in hte sight or what, this sucks.

Im gonna convert MY 20" torker evauntlly,so theyd BETTER be availble when I want one.:smiley:

Thats exactly why im waitin for it

Screw this, im gettin a kh onza hub and a alex rim, Zack says Qu-ax sucks and il take his word for it, he hasnt steared me wrong yet. and il get a luna tire(i dont know where to get any other types) and a cheap thin tire cause they work best.

Instead of reading the entire text, I’ll just give you this url:


(from here I think you can get Cross trial rim 24" black 48 hole if that is what you want. Just send them a mail.)

Why don’t you have a word with Torker and ask them to manufacture spares to upgrade their unicycles with or to use a decent rim to start with

They are a japanese company but I expect someone there speaks English