Qu-ax Penny Farthing. WANTED: Zig-Zag Giraffe

Hi all

I have a Qu-ax Penny Farthing for sale as seen on Unicycle.com


I’m looking for a Zig-Zag Giraffe (DM) anyone got one or know of one for sale?

Many thanks


Any idea how much you’d be after for the penny farthing? I know someone who maybe interested. Would I be right to assume you are in the UK?

Qu-ax Penny Farthing


Yes I am in the UK, based in the South East, sorry should have mentioned that before! I’m new to this site!

Basically, we are moving very soon and I’d like to sell it before we go - so for a quick sale £225! They retail at £350 on unicycle.com.

Thanks for your reply,


Cool, I have passed that information on to my mate, and I’ll let you know when I hear back from him.

Great! Here’s my email if you want to contact me directly…