Qu-Ax or Torker-Dx for street?

im buying my first unicycle either Qu-Ax or Torker-Dx for doing street but i can’t work out which 1 i want so can you comment if u have any suggestions on which 1 i should get… i weigh 68 kg so which would be the best for me?
thank you for your suggestions

Evan :slight_smile:

You’d wanna get the DX. They both weigh about the same, but the Qu-Ax has 145mm cranks, which are harder to do crankflips on, harder to pick up speed, etc.

I agree with mawesome on this one. Considering i have a Torker DX and am very satisfied with. It can take a beating and still beg for more. Also i have been on a Qu-Ax and don’t feel that satisfied as i do with my DX. It’s value for money i guess.

Hoped this helped friend

id say get a quax with 127mm cranks order it off udc and specify you want 127s youll be happyer than if you bought a dx because the quax is stronger

lol fainally someone who dares kncok the DX. not sure about the 127mm cranks though… personally i’d say 140mm or 137/135’s are better, but its all choice… pick what you like they are pretty similar.

I think it’s also how daring/challenged you feel. I once tried riding my DX with 110’s. It’s scary fast but scary hard to control. :smiley: :smiley: I’m thinking of doing it again. Cause it was scary fun. :wink: :smiley: :wink:

Where exactly did you get 110mm cranks that fit the DX hub?

It was custom made. :wink: :wink: Sorry if i confused you.

thanks for the info guys but i think im going with the dx… also has any one got the 06 model because i heard they ain’t that strong… if anyone does can u tell what you think?

They are strong.

Just because a couple people broke multiple frames, people think it’s not strong.

Well, some may still argue it, but the new (07) DX frame is stronger. The Seattube was spliting off the crown. They now have a collar to keep in on there. I have one of the new DX’s and love it. However, I believe the Qu-Ax would be better for street due to the closer frame clearance. The DX has a HUGE amount of clearance between the crown and the tire. This makes gliding and tricks of the like harder.

I can tell you now. My torker DX is probably the most indestructible unicycle i’ve ever had. :smiley: :smiley: Damn, i love the beast.

so it doesn’t really matter that much if i get the 06 in stead of the 07 because i can get the 06 model from my local bike shop and i would have to order the 07 over the net i was just want to no if i really need the 07 model… but thanks anyway


There’s isn’t that much difference between the 06 and 07. It’s just that the 07 has had minor upgrades.

tricks on the frame like gliding, stand up wheel walking and others are freetyle tricks not street.
evan get the dx bitch! jokes bud eh
but seriously, get the dx

i guess i will just buy the 06 model because it will be easier for me to get.

Evan :slight_smile:

the 06 frame will berak way too easily though. honestly try get the 07 its alot better.

ok, but that means it will end out being a hell of alot harder


Agreed - though I may be a bit biased, since my school colors are the same as those on the Qu-ax.

nah i would rather go with the dx… but thanx anyway

Evan :slight_smile: