QU-AX or Onza


I own a Qu-Ax 20-inch Cross Unicycle the one with the red hub and now i want to buy a new one, i’m between the Qu-Ax 20-inch Trials Unicycle (yellow hub) and the Onza 20-inch Trials Cycle. My highest drop is about 3.20 feets (one meter), I weight 154 pounds (70 kg) and i like practicing street. So i think that is enough information, and also at this time em prefering to buy th QU-AX becouse it is cheaper.
Thank You

The Quax should be fine, as long as it’s the yellow splined one. Splined is pretty good, you should have trouble breaking it.

It might save you some money if you buy just the hub and cranks to replace the red hub on your current qu-ax.

If the rest of the uni is good, and the rim is wide enough, just get this. http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=798

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