Qu-Ax or nimbus ISIS trials

your right i just looked, my mistake…it used to be a cold forged ten spline hub like dx’s

Get the Qu-ax, the nimbus’s appaer strong but their just dressed up with a spline.

would the 36 spoke hub be a reason to get the nimbus over the 48 spoke hub of the Qu-ax?

:astonished: are we talking about the same nimbus??? Yes qu ax are the beastlyist unis made but the nimbus isn’t anything to wave your finger at

yes, there are more upgrade options for a 36 hole

i got the nimus isis because its cheaper, and with the money you save you can buy some kh moments and put them on your nimbus meaning you have one of the best uni’s around

Same thing I did and I am loving it.

yes my qu ax is basiaclly the same thing, i have moments a cf base and a kh seat, so basically the same thing with a 48 hole rim, which if thosenimbus wheelsets ever go on sale again will be a 36:D

I have the Qu-Ax Cross Uni, and yesterday I bent a crank on it going down a small drop. Either a defective part, or the cranks are not very strong (only ridden the Uni 7 times). Have ordered a replacement from a local supplier. Will be quite upset if I bend them again in such a short space of time.

Am considering getting the KH Moments as replacements, but they’re a tad expensive and the local supplier doesn’t have stock of the 165’s at the moment.

Is it a 19" or a 24" uni? 165s on a 19" are way too long anyhow.

It’s a 24" that I’m mostly doing MUni with. Need the longer cranks to give me more torque for the hills and more control in the descents.

well i can imagine that if you had anything longer than 125mm quax freestlye cranks they would bend with the stresses of muni. After all i bent mine on a 3spin. Ha

I’m really surprised they bent. Those cranks are beefy (though perhaps not strong as others), and I reckon they should take more abuse. Maybe take a photo and email it to Egon (from Qu-ax) and see what he says about it. I doubt that there is a warrenty on the cranks, but he may be interested to know what it takes to break his equipment.

ill take a picture of mine but…their freestyle cranks…not very beefy as you said…

nimbus or quax ?

im getting the nimbus 24 isis muni £169 with KH CroMo 24inch Unicycle Frame for total £195 and then i can add magura brakes and better cranks at a later date
im so excited

Qu-ax ISIS Alu cranks, 170mm

Compared to my qu-ax 24 muni cranks (yellow hub), they look thicker, especially where it attatches to the hub. I know there is more to strength than size though - They looked deceptively beefy:p

in my opinion, go with the moments if your gonna do big drops.

Have ordered a replacement crank, which I should hopefully have tomorrow. Will see how it goes this time. If I do however manage to bend it/them again, I’ll have to bite the bullet and get a set of KH Moments.

They do appear to be able to handle the stress. I’m hoping that it was merely a defective part.

New replacement crank on top, bent crank at the bottom (beer I was drinking at the time below that :slight_smile: holding them upright )

The difference in riding with the bent crank is more pronounced than it looks

Uni Crank 003.jpg

Uni Crank 004.jpg