Qu-Ax or nimbus ISIS trials

Hi, Ive been unicycling for a few months now and want to get into dtreet but i dont know what unicycle to get. Ive read good things about the nimbus ISIS trials and the Qu-Ax splined hub trials. they are both quite good value. which one should i get and what else out there is good for ÂŁ200 or under :thinking:

Thanks for any help you can give me


I used to have the Quax ISIS uni with the Red hub…and it was a great uni.

I would reccomend it. People might tell you its not a real splined uni but it is. I am 80 lbs and I did 4 1/2 foot drops and now my cousin has it who is like 110 lbs and he does the same and is in mint condition. I dont know if your talking about that one or the one with the yellow one? The yellow hub is a tank! For $50 more put the KH cranks on either one…

The Nimbus is also very good…same hub as a KH im pretty sure. You will wont some new cranks eventually same with the Quax ISIS red hub.

I would say either are fine…Quax are cool, fun, and 1.

48 spokes over 36 so 36 you will have more upgrades later on.

Either is really fine…Its up to you which you WANT more.

Hope that helped.


nimbus with upgraded cranks its cheaper and arguably better

Or the Quax with KH cranks…

im talking about the yellow hub one

Oh okay definatly get the Quax Yellow one! You would not regret it! Stronger than profile.

Really do get it.


if i got the kris holm cranks would i need the ISIS or s
plined cranks

http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=900 are they the right cranks

hey simonb,

tha you need ISIS. KH’s are with ISIS

there’s a new edition of the qu-ax trial, the edition is with isis.
So you can take KH cranks on it, but the qu-ax cranks are good too.

yes, that’are the right cranks

Yeah if your getting the yellow hub one then keep those cranks and dont get the moments…but if your getting the red hub one get the Kris HOlm Moments…


ok so if im getting the yellow hub one theres no need for KH moments?

sorry for all my n00bness but im new to unicycling and you’ve helped me loads


the nimbus ISIS is sold out on UDC U.S.
i dont know about UK though…

why would you do that Quax cranks are already awesome if you have the extra cash get the quax its bombproof but the nimbus isis with kh cranks is great i think the quax rim is wider though?

isaac is talking about the ISIS quax, the quax cranks on the yellow hubed one are great, the isis quax comes with isis freestyle cranks tho, and they suck

oh ok thanks i haven’t seen the isis quax.

then its preety much the same as the nimbus isis cause it comes with the quax freestyle cranks also

Yes thats what I was talking about.

ya its what i have, i just bend my cranks on a 360 unispin…i got pictures in the custom quax thread…i just bought moments…so im stoked

the new yellow qu-ax is ISIS splined spoonthumb :stuck_out_tongue: I’d say go for either, you’ll be happy with both.

im gonna get the quax with the yellow hub i think because it seems really strong and really good value.

now all i’ve got to do is wait a year until i can save up enough money to buy it. :frowning: