Qu-Ax or NImbus Hoppley...which is the better deal?

In case you are wondering, i have done a search on this and only found limited results. So, here is my problem, i want either the nimbus hoppley or the quax 20 inch trials



i know the hoppley has shorter cranks (probably prefer) and has a ‘slightly’ stronger rim but is it worth the extra 40 bucks?

Just so you know, the links were both to the Hoppley, but whatev’. I’d go with the Hoppley personally, but I’d be inclined to think that the Qu-Ax is better assembled. I’ve had numerous disheartening experiences from UDC-made unicycles with frame evenness and assembly jack-ups. Either one is totally teh r0xors, though. Unless, of course, the Qu-Ax is the poopy weak ISIS one, then you’re definitely better off with the Hoppley.

I’m tired, and hardly coherent, but you get the idea.


whoops, here is the quaxer i was looking at

Both are really great, but if I had the choice between them, I would go with the hoppley.

Yeah go fir the hopley

I’m just glad to see the Hoppley back in the market. Now there are more than just 4 choices.

uhm between those two, i’d go for the qu-ax cause its a bit cheaper… although maybe the hoppley seat is abit better, but u’ll want a lower profile seat than that anways, so i’d plan a seat upgrade in ur price anyways.

the qu-ax has a stronger wheelset.

The hoppley uses a mix of the Kh hub, and the Qu-Ax cranks. Best of both worlds.

it would be stonger, but also much heavier, and the hoppley comes with the nimbus seat, not the older style kh one. Arent the nimbus seats basically the kh street ones?



I should start with saying that both unicycles are very good, main differences between the Hoppley and Qu-Ax are that the Qu-Ax unicycles have 48 spokes instead of 36 for extra stability. The hubs are about the same strength I’d say, I havn’t seen the KH figures but the Qu-Ax hasn’t been bent yet, the cranks are both Qu-Ax, the Nimbus uses slightly shorter cranks than the Nimbus. The Hoppley uses a 22.2mm seatpost as I recall, which is a bit crap for trials, the Qu-Ax uses a 25.4mm seatpost which is stronger, also the frame has a better design, I’ve read some complaints about the Nimbus. Saddle-wise, I think they still have the old saddle in the states, so they’re both running high profile foam saddles, exactly the same base and foam, just different colors.

Basically the Qu-Ax is cheaper, has a stronger wheel and seatpost and runs a double bolt seatclamp, also stronger than the Nimbus one. I’d go for the Qu-Ax. I’m not saying the Nimbus is crap, it’s also a very good unicycle but strength and price-wise the Qu-Ax is a better choice.

This is the ideal unicycle, but they don’t sell them in the states: http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=457&osCsid=196cc4f4b231fc1b0054f27fa0f53574

My Hoppley has the new KH Hub and crankset on it…don’t know what relevance that has to the conversation but I guess that’s a choice if you’re unhappy with the qu-ax crankset, not suggesting that you would.

Wow, that looks really good!
How did they manage to put BMX cranks on a QU-AX hub?

I vote for QU-AX, personally. I think they are very good. They are strong, cheap and look cool. That’s what I use and so recommend it.

my friend have a quax and i got a nimbus hoppley

nimbus is more light than the quax
got a stronger rim

I think Roland is mistaken with the cranks, I will send him an e-mail to ask… thought he could mean that the design is similar to BMX cranks, they are the normal 10 spline 145mm Qu-Ax cranks, the pedals however are BMX style pedals with removable pins, my favourite, with the low profile nimbus gel saddle it is a real kick-ass uni!

well, picado over there has a hoppley and it really is lighter.

though it is 6 months younger than my qu-ax and skweeks reeeally bad. the qu-ax almost don`t make a sound…

the rim is a lot stronger I think… I have done some injures to the walls of the qu-ax. I ride higher and tougher than picado though. learned to fix it, but if you can put a KH rim in the qu-ax it would worth the extra bucks.

Well, Im in Brazil and I need a solid confiable uni cause It is so hard to get one over here. qu-ax is definettly the choice if you want something strong.

Qu-Ax rim isues: The old BX-38 rim has some minor flaws, I know some riders who have changed to an alexrim because the Qu-Ax bent and was beyond trueing, I’m still riding mine after nearly 2 years of abuse with more than 2 meter drops on it, I don’t know how much life is left in it but it’s still okay for now. The newer Qu-Ax models run a much stronger and wider rim, I don’t know the model number but you can see it on the MDC/Qu-Ax trials uni here http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=457&osCsid=682342f6d82646809279f775ffed57ef I believe it’s stronger than the KH and Koxx rims out there and certainly less prone to flatspots, when I get a new rim it will be that one. I’m not sure which model they sell in the USA but both rims are pretty good.

Weight-wise, the Nimbus isn’t much lighter, older Qu-Ax trials unicycles ran a Luna tire which is 300 grams heavier than the Maxxis CC, like I said above the seatpost and frame are narrower, 22.0mm which is lighter but also less strong.

A few months ago I was wondering why the Qu-Ax was heavier than other unicycles so I asked Roland from Municycle.com what the Qu-Ax wheel weights, both the wheels were weighted with Try All sticky tires.

Koxx is known to be a light unicycle, and as you can see the Qu-Ax is only 15 grams heavier, the main weight difference is in the pedals and the seatpost, which can both easily be changed.

Ultimately you support what you can, I don’t know if Qu-ax builds their frames outside of the EU, but isn’t Nimbus a Chinese import? Don’t buy exploited labor products if you can afford otherwise, is usually a good rule of thumb.

Basically every unicycle on the market gets made in Taiwan, for facts I know Kris Holm and Qu-Ax are both made in Taiwan, both companies visit their ‘factories’ often and I for one can say there’s no exploited labour in any of these brands. Knowing Roger who designs most of Nimbus’ things I’d very highly doubt there is any exploited labour involved in any of it.

Taiwan is a quasi-authoritarian country which does maintain considerable labor advances when compared to others in the region. Taiwan isn’t China. I can’t vouch for the labor conditions of many products (I have a Rowing frame, made in the UK), but the point remains valid-- affordable unicycles and components likely reflect the labor costs and, specifically for Chinese exports, it’s questionable as to the labor standards involved therein. I’m not entirely clear as to the origin of anything, but if I was stuck between two similar choices, labor conditions would be a deciding factor— It seems as if most of these “which is better” posts touch on the definite and subjective benefits of each brand, but the context is never construed as being larger than a single consumer choice. I didn’t mean to sound as if I was accusing brands that I haven’t researched, but then, I’m not making the purchase in this post. There’s a burden of responsibility with every consumer. Buy, protect, and support what you will, but progress takes rational considerations beyond the immediate costs. You don’t just “buy” the product, you “buy” the process and the underlying conditions of global trade agreements…

…popular controls have been reduced to market flux and dollar breadth. It is what it is.


I copied the description from the Qu-ax Trials and this description is very old. They are normal Qu-ax CrMo splined cranks. They are made by a BMX munufacturer for Qu-ax unicycles.