Qu-Ax or DX

well what PSI are you running your trials tire, I lowered my psi and built some muscle to match the new weight and my hop increased dramatically, when I got my first trials setup I was running a luna at a high psi and my sif dropped by about 4in, but my si increased by a couple from the new compression, you have to learn how to compress the tire differently to get the full effect and build some muscle to match the mod setup…

I saw the thread title and saw that you posted and I KNEW that was coming.

? So if you lower the Psi it builds muscle?

I thought when you lowered the Psi it makes it jump higher, i still have a High Psi in my Dx, Im getting used to it, it improved my jumpes, and still is, in the last week, on my freestlye uni, because of getting used to the Dx, i can get round 25 inches high, where it i was doing round 20 inches with it last week!

Plus, i can get round 21 inches on my DX, i havnt measured it latly, ill measure it sunday or saturday.

Id go with the DX, ive taken 7 foot drops on it.

You can learn all the tricks you can on a normal uni, just a little heavier when you do it, which will make you better at it.

My DX with trimmed foam, Fusion Cover and, Jim Cielencki’s weighs 15 1/4 lbs.

As stated b4, if you want 140’s get the Qu-ax and if you want 127’s then get the Torker + Nimbus frame (ditch the torker frame before you use it and sell it or something).

Obviously 127’s are nicer for street and 140’s nicer for trials.

Wait what!? I ment the heavier uni builds muscle, lower psi helps your hop :wink:

kk, Which one would you think grind better?

I would go Qu-ax why the 48 hole hub rim is 46mm wide with a 3.0 duro leppard and weighs 16 1/2 lbs.

that depends on the rider :wink:

Lol I dont really think it would matter, Ive never tried on the qu-ax bu I would assume the thin sides of the cranks would make it a lil harder…

Qu axs grind fine, i also was worried when i first got them because i grind on the cranks but i grind fine with them, its even better with the upgrade frame, because that has a different bearing housing that you can grind on

Well there you go, I also grind on the cranks I was/am worried bout griding on tappered cranks…I am gettin some in less then a week…Do the qu-ax cranks ever fold over putting the handrails inbetween the cranks and the tire forcing a sudden stop like the dx does when you overshoot?

well thats part of the reason i haven’t gone for a natural(as in not made for skaters) hand rail because i grind on the cranks i suppose theres a high chance of that happening so im quite scared about that, the gap isnt that big so im not sure whether it would fit a handrail between it but ill try it soon. for now i just wana find a normal height hand rail thats flat and wide to get the feel of the steepness and speed.

Ok, I have done them on a torkers and koxx, the torker got stuck more, l*l there was a handrail at moab last year a few tried it and I got stuck on it sooo many times =-D, never got hurt thought, cept later I was walking backwards and sprained my ankle stepping of a curb! But dude handrails really arent that hard, just gets ballzy sometimes, only thing ya gotta do is be ready to bail :wink:

yeh i sorta have a problem with them cos i no that if i half comit ill f**k up but if i do ill probs land it within few goes, seeing yoggi and kevin mcmullin do them at unicon was so cool so wanted to just go for it but that was like a shitty 10 stair horrible rail, neways maybe ill get to it. you got clips in any of your videos of yu doing them

Well if you don’t like those then you know where to find me:D

In Kevins really old movie he gets his old kh03 crank wedged on a rail type thing and some other people helped him pull it off. I think any crank can get wedged if you overshoot too much and if the rail is small enough, it would happen easier and more often with those tapered out cranks like the koxx street cranks, kh/onzas, etc.

I think for handrails you should really slide on your pedal only.

Yeah I’ve done round handrails on m Qu-Ax, I’ve never gotten the crank stuck but I’m pretty cautious grinding. I don’t grind on my crank at all if I can help it.