Qu-Ax or DX

:thinking: Im gettin one of these two unis soons (qu-ax $320 or DX $260) and im startin to learn trials. THen in a year or so im gonna buy a KH or sumthin better when i can do a lot of stuff. I have enough money for the DX and Qu-ax but i just barely have enough for the Qu-ax. Is it worth it to Blow the Extra 70 dollars on the QU-ax or should i get DX? because keep in mind this is my first trials and i am planin on gettin a KH Next Year. Please help me? :thinking:

are you getting the 07 Dx, theyre good.

idk ive never had a qu-ax.

Umm, check on ebay, get one brand new just as good 06 for 220?

The 07 DX is wut im talkin about wut is their exact weight?

get the DX
same tire, both are splined, same saddle

save the extra 70

ok thx any more opinions??

I think the dx is 14 or 15 pounds.

I would just get the dx then upgrade it. use that 70 bucks and continue to save up and buy a kh hub and crankset + kh rim and some kind of spokes and you’ll save alot of weight then upgrade the frame and bam you have a kh.

who actually has a DX that they ride. How are they? whats the highes you can hop on them?

i do, but i dont do huge drops yet, but i have heard of 6+ foot drops with no problems

also, i love my DX

i can jump 28-29"
and over a large traffic cone, not a barrel, a cone … standing up, however big that is
im just learning SIF because I had the 05 DX but just got a 19" rim/tire (the old one was 20")
i can jump plenty far on it.
the weight is a good thing.

i think my frame may be the first 2007 model to break though, the seatpost is not straight up anymore, the seat is about 1" over to the side. I think that the way they fixed it did almost no good. they didn’t weld the top of it to the seatpost. that would have been the fix.

i jumped off a 9 set w/ mine :stuck_out_tongue:
and did about a 9 foot drop…onto something that sank into soft mud.

yea i experimented last night agianst my little freestyle one that is like half the weight of the Dx and bounces real well.

Then my DX, ended up jumping better than it in all areas, when i thought it would be the opposite, (exept in highth (but you get used to it, and it strenthens your legs, plus it was only 1 inch less than my half as heavy one)).

I guess the weight caries it in the air more because of the force you exert on it.

It seemed really heavy at first, but feels light after a while.

I can hop 20" in.
Go for the DX.

Qu Ax is the better option, i would advise you, I don’t know too much about the torker apart from the hub is an exact copy of qu ax’s!
Qu ax is very strong, not as heavy as torker as far as i know, To be honest i need to know more about the Torker to compare properly but from what ive heard about torkers QU Ax are definetly the preferable option. The price is still very good value.

No, it is not. They don’t even fit together, slightly different size. The main thing that is the same with the hub is they are both 10 spline.

They are both pretty strong uni’s, although on the heavy side, but weight does not keep you from doing anything, it just might make it a little harder to learn is all. The Qu-ax frame is better (stronger, at least) then the Torker frame.

Comparing the hub/crank strength of the two is pretty much just in theory. I haven’t heard of anybody breaking or even bending either one*. Both strong, but I “suspect” the Qu-Ax cranks would be the strongest of the two, if only by a little.

All in all, yes, Qu-Ax is better, but you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s worth the extra money for you personally. I would get the Qu-Ax unless you are going to get a KH later on.

Keep in mind that the DX comes with 125mm cranks and the Qu-Ax comes with 145. You can get 125’s for the Qu-Ax but I’m not sure if UDC has them.

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not sure, roger spoke to me the other day and said you can slip the torker cranks on to the qu ax hub and vise versa maybe there the old cranks or something, I dunno lol ive never even seen a torker in real life but i looked at a picture and the cranks do look very similar

I’ve tried it myself, I could get the Qu-Ax cranks on the DX, but not the DX on the Qu-Ax. The Qu-Ax cranks wobbled on the DX.

Yeah it probablly does have something to do with the year and model…

Hhaah I was affraid I was gonna be in here somewhere…Ok back to topic. Well im actually gonna say qu-ax to this one, if you want it for trials and you dont want to have to worry bout that blasted frame than you might wanna go with the ax. Torker is cheaper and from what I have seen very close to same strength. But if you buy a torker you will probably have to buy a nimbus frame to go with it costing another 40 dollors. still slightly cheaper but not by much. Cranks 145 seems a bit long though, I prefer riding 125 but I ride street and a lil flatland, I dont do trials as much anymore prolly because those tiny beasts, but shorter holds drops better. if you can get some 140s but for trials I would go for the qu-ax bro. and its a lil lighter too :wink:

Edit: But in one year get a Koxx instead…sry guys couldnt resist ^-^

The highest I can hop on any unicycle. Weight doesn’t really matter…you adjust to it, either way.

Well I used to ride a Dx and I have hopped 34in on my friends, and ive dropped 9ft on a dx 24in, only bent the hub and some JCs on that one. You will build up muscle riding a heavier uni…Hm I think I might stick to street on my muni to get the girlies :smiley:

Whenever I do stair gaps or other rolling hops I always use my muni. it just feels more stable at a faster cadence (sp?).

as for the hopping question, I can hop about 16-17 inches on my dx trials and about 3 inches less on my dx muni (you do the math). But the weirdest thing is I can hop about 19 inches with my old freestyle unicycle with a maxxis maxdaddy tire on it. :thinking: I think my next unicycle is just going to be a standard freestyle with a splined hub and 140mm cranks because I really don’t like lugging around that huge tire. I’d rather just run a hard tire lightweight maxxis. that’s my 10 cents my 2 cents is free.