Qu-ax on UDC?

Does anyone know if/when UDC USA will be selling qu-ax trials unis again?

I have no clue. I know they are getting more Nimbus II frames out in August, so maybe they are getting everything restocked in August.

You should e-mail them though. They will be more helpful.

I emailed UDC and the Qu-ax trials will be back in stock in september. They will be restocking the standard coker as well but havn’t been informed by coker of the restocking date or any of the new design changes.

dude if you want the new one then get it from municycle.com they have it for $300. not including shipping.

When you hit add to cart is say it is out of stock, and I’m sure shipping to the USA would be quite pricey.

bout 40 dollars, not too bad