Qu-Ax MX8 and Halo Combat

Could someone tell me something about the Halo Combat -rim? And how about the MX8 rim that comes with the Qu-Ax unicycles, is Qu-Ax or some other brand? How strong they are and stuff like that. They both come with 48 holes at 24" size. Guess that will make almost any rim quite strong. I’m just considering about ordering a Qu-Ax wheelset and want to know if I should order it with the Halo rim. At least the Halo would surely be wide enough.

Already got an answer. :smiley: I asked from the owner and the MX8 is from a Taiwanese producer. It’s exactly the same size as Halo, but it doesn’t have some steel rings around the nipples inside the rim. MX8 is 40 euros cheaper so I’ll probably go with it and if I brake it I’ll buy a Sun Double Wide or something similar.

Opinions on both rims are still welcome though.

Hi joona,
the MX8 isn`t 40 EUR cheaper Than the HALO.

The Qu-ax wheelset with the MX8 is 30 EUR cheaper than the wheelset with the HALO.

There are two difference:

  1. The rim: HALO - MX8
  2. The wheelset with the Halo is handcrafted (in Germany), the wheelset with MX8 is the org. Qu-ax. There is built in Taiwan.

Best “HUMPA” regards


Ooops. Seems like my maths could use a little improving.

199-169=40?, wrong, it’s 30. You people just watchout. I’m studying electic engineering at an university and I’ll be one of the future designers for electric components.

“Hmm… This toaster should heat the toast to about 80C, oops something went wrong my toast started burning. Oh it was the toaster. It now heats up to 800C. Damn.”

WOW so am I, I am studying electric engineering here in Norway (NTNU) how long have you been studying for?


First year. It’s some sort of a Master Bachelors(?) degree. Takes between 5-7 years.

I’m taking a 5 years master degree