Does anyone know much about the Qu-ax 24’’ muni with splined hub from municycle.com? I was going to wait til march to buy the KH24 but i saw this and wondered… Does anyone know how its frame, hub, and cranks compare to the KH24’s when it comes to durability. The KH24 would cost me $450 completely stock without a brake or gazza tire. The Qu-ax will cost aroun $470 with a brake and gazza…or $430 with just a brake…or $320 without either. What are your opinions or reviews of either of these products and waht owuld you say i should do. I live in the USA so shipping for the qu-ax would be around $40 while the KH24’s shipping will be around 20ish.

heres a link to a quick search i did on threads that had ‘qu-ax’ in the topic:


I started a post a while ago just asking about the crankset. I never actually got one since i have all the unis i need. I was just curious.

If you do end up getting a qu-ax, let us know how it goes. They’re soooo cheap!!


QU-AX Muni 24"

Hi fluffinator007!

The uni is just GREAT! Don´t worry about the hub-crank set, it is really strong!!! + No ankle bite problem!!!

Bad points: the frame is really wide, it hurts my knees!! But I have heard tha qu-ax is workin on a new frame!!!

My advice: buy one & enjoy it!!!

Let us know how it goes!


PD: if the frame doesnt work for you, you can use:

http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=566 (at you bike shop)

With this setup you can use either kind of brakes!!!

I have a qu-ax wheel, and it seems completely solid. I don’t think the rim was designed for brakes, but I don’t have breaks on my uni, so I don’t really know.
I read somewhere in another post that the frame was too wide and heavy. Luckily the wheel fits a nimbusII/Yuny frame.

Does anyone know the type of rim the 24’'Muni with splined parts has? Is it alex DX?

If I remember correctly, it’s almost the same as Halo Combat. It’s just brandless and made in Taiwan. Roland (the guy from the municycle, wendino around here in the forums) recommended it over the Halo.

Does that mean if i get the uni with the brakes included that they wont work/work well? Or is this a bit of erronerous information. Or is this frame different.

It means that the rim is powder coated, and that I hear this is bad for brakes. But, as I said, I’ve never tried brakes on a painted rim.

The rim is 30mm wide (inside), the same as Halo and 2mm less than the DX32

I have the Qu-ax 24" with Magura brakes. The rim is the one which came with the MUni (label “Kinlin MX8”).
My brake didn’t have any problem with the powder coating, which was braked off in the meantime. In my opinion the brake works well enough, until now only the grip of the tyre was the problem, not the braking power :wink:
The braking power didn’t increase or decrease after braking off the powder coating, the mud on the rim is a more important fact.

Bye, Martin