Qu-Ax MUni

So, I noticed Unicycle.com has started offering Qu-Ax Munis. As I am in the market for a MUni, I’m wondering how well these will hold out against, say, one of the older KH es of Onza Munis.

Am I correct that they come with a splined hub? If so, how big of stuff can it handle?


Yeah they have a 10 splined hub and cranks set (the old KH hub/cranks had only 8 splines) and apparantly are at least as strong as the old KH hub/cranks, so can handle pretty big stuff. They also have a 48 spoked rim which makes them very strong but a bit heavier then other wheels. Also apparantly the frame is quite big and some people bump there knees on it. But I’ve heard its an excellent muni and people rarely have problems with them.
There is more info here
And if you do a search there are quite a few helpful threads about them. Im also thinking about buying a Qu-Ax :slight_smile:

I ride the 24" QU-AX Muni and the 20" Trials (2005 Edition). I didn’t drop more than about 1m with them, and I have to say, I love both of them. Very stable, very comfortable, and compared to a KH, very cheap. They are said to be a little heavier. I couldn’t say anything against it, at least. I had them with me at the Richmond-Muni-Day last week, perhaps people who’ve tried it will also post here.


I have ordered a 20" Qu-Ax - after trying a friend’s. Trust me, it is great! According to what I have heard, they are good quality too!

Awesome, thanks. that sounds like a good alternative MUni. After looking at my money situation, I will probably be able to buy myself a new 2005 KH. However, it’s great to have something to fall back on. The frame might be a problem, seeing as I dislike the Nimbus/Yuni frame. Ah, well, I could get a differant one.

They modified it ! Not a pb any more